Hexaware Transforms IT Support for Insurance Major in the UK Hexaware Transforms IT Support for Insurance Major in the UK

Hexaware Transforms IT Support for Insurance Major in the UK


The client, a UK-based health and life insurance major, offers a range of general insurance products. The company is known for its commitment to customer service and has built a strong reputation for reliability and trustworthiness over the years.


The client, with a geographically dispersed workforce and a complex IT environment, required IT support solutions in several areas:

  • Global Support: Providing consistent and efficient support across different locations with varying time zones presented a logistical challenge.
  • Multi-Device Environment: Managing a mix of user devices, servers, VDIs, and mobile devices demanded a comprehensive approach.
  • Application Management: Streamlining application packaging and deployment for a large user base was essential.
  • VDI and Mobile Device Management: Optimizing VDI performance through VM Horizon and Citrix XenApp, and securing mobile devices were crucial.
  • Security Concerns: Enhancing overall security posture to mitigate potential risks.


Hexaware implemented a multi-faceted solution to address these challenges:

  • Global Service Desk: A dual-location English service desk was established—Birmingham for voice support and India for non-voice support. Separate virtual desks catered to corporate and WFH users, ensuring personalized service.
  • 24/7 Monitoring: An integrated command center with 24/7 monitoring followed the “apps down observability methodology.” This proactive approach focused on prevention, faster issue detection, and automated remediation.
  • Image Management & Application Packaging: Streamlined application packaging for efficient deployment across the 15,000-strong user base (including end-user devices, servers, and VDIs).
  • Mobile Device Management & VDI: Utilized 350 MDM licenses to manage mobile devices, optimizing VDI performance through VM Horizon and Citrix XenApp.
  • Active Directory & MS Exchange Support: Provided end-to-end support for the client’s Active Directory and MS Exchange environment.
  • Platform-Driven Automation: Tensai®, Hexaware’s automation platform, drove self-service options and automated tasks, enhancing user experience.
  • Improved Security Posture: Implemented a SecOps solution framework, strengthening the organization’s overall security posture.


By implementing these solutions, Hexaware delivered significant improvements:

  • Enhanced User Experience: The dual-location service desk with separate virtual desks offered personalized support, while automation simplified user interactions.
  • Increased Efficiency: 24/7 monitoring with proactive measures and streamlined application packaging improved overall efficiency.
  • Improved VDI Performance: Optimized VDI management through VM Horizon and Citrix XenApp ensured a seamless user experience for virtual desktops.
  • Enhanced Security: Implementation of a SecOps solution framework significantly improved the organization’s security posture.


Hexaware’s comprehensive approach transformed the client’s IT support experience. The dual-location service desk, 24/7 monitoring, application packaging optimization, robust VDI management, and enhanced security posture combined for a more efficient, secure, and user-friendly IT environment. This tangible success achieved by the client demonstrates Hexaware’s expertise in delivering innovative IT support solutions for global organizations.

42% Reduction in Resolution Time  

30% Reduction in TCO Across IT  

$200K YOY Worth of Manual Effort Reduction Owing to Automation  

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