Hexaware Creates the World’s First Cognitive Contact Center Hexaware Creates the World’s First Cognitive Contact Center

Hexaware Creates the World’s First Cognitive Contact Center


Our client, a prominent leader in clinical research, is a global Clinical Research Organization (CRO) with a diverse spectrum of expertise, a culture of innovative thinking, and robust capabilities. The client stands as a driving force in the life sciences industry, specializing in providing advanced analytics, technology solutions, and clinical research services on a global scale.


In the dynamic world of clinical research, our client encountered a formidable obstacle in their contact center management environment that supports the clinical trial team and patients across multiple channels.
As the global landscape faced an unprecedented surge in queries during the critical COVID-19 rescue studies, a pressing need emerged. The client recognized the imperative to not only cope with the increased query volume in their contact centers but to transcend it. This called for a strategic approach, one that is seamlessly integrated with support mechanisms within their already intricate virtual clinical trial landscape.
The Clinical Research Organization wanted to automate and augment its customer experience through contact center transformation.
Client’s expectations:

  • Deploy customer self-service tools for managing simple and repetitive queries.
  • Automate high-demand and standard cases through AI-driven solutions.
  • Establish a robust contact center for virtual and remote operations.


Hexaware spearheaded a cognitive contact center transformation for uninterrupted support in the critical phase of COVID-19 rescue studies. This involved deploying cutting-edge customer self-service tools, leveraging AI-driven solutions to automate complex cases, and establishing a resilient virtual contact center for remote operations. This is how Hexaware addressed the client’s challenges:

Knowledge Management System (KMS) with AI-Enabled Agents:

Objective: To enhance ticket resolution and improve average handling time.

Solution: Implemented a KMS powered by AI-enabled agents, allowing for better ticket resolution. This system included tagging features to identify similar calls/interactions, boosting the First Contact Resolution rate.

Intelligent Chatbot and Email Automation:

Objective: To resolve simple queries/tickets before reaching contact center agents, improving customer experience.

Solution: Integrated intelligent chatbot and email automation to address and resolve straightforward queries efficiently, reducing the workload on contact center agents.

Training Compassionate Agents:

Objective: To ensure agents are equipped with patient handling etiquette and adverse event management skills.

Solution: Implemented Hexaware’s LEAP (Learn, Engage, Apply, and Perform) framework to train agents, emphasizing compassion in patient interactions and effective management of adverse events.

Real-time Reporting Dashboard:

Objective: To enable managers to monitor metrics & KPIs for performance optimization.

Solution: Developed a real-time reporting tool, allowing managers to have a comprehensive view of metrics and key performance indicators, facilitating better decision-making and team optimization.

Multilingual Support:

Objective: To provide support across diverse locations with multilingual capabilities.

Solution: Offered multilingual support across 23+ languages, ensuring effective communication and support for a wide range of patients and locations.


Hexaware’s implementation of the compassionate cognitive contact center for the world’s leading CRO led to several significant benefits:

Patient dropout risk across clinical trials involving 400K+ patients reduced by 30%.

The implementation contributed to higher patient engagement and retention, which is crucial for the success of clinical trials.

Operational costs decreased by 20%.

Inculcating automation best practices in contact center management optimized the average handling time, resulting in cost savings for the Clinical Research Organization.

Trial management efficacy improved by 1.3x.

The integration of data-driven insights enhanced the efficiency of trial management, potentially accelerating the pace of research and development.

Provided support across 23+ languages.

Multilingual support function ensured effective communication for a diverse range of patients and locations, contributing to a more inclusive and accessible clinical trial process.


Hexaware implemented the world’s first cognitive contact center for a leading Clinical Research Organization during COVID-19 studies, achieving a 30% decrease in patient dropout, 20% cost reduction, and 1.3x trial management efficacy. Elevating patient engagement and healthcare outcomes, Hexaware introduced multilingual support, AI agents, and a transformative approach to establish a groundbreaking standard in clinical research support.

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