Gen AI Chatbot Assistant for Insurance  Gen AI Chatbot Assistant for Insurance 

Gen AI Chatbot Assistant for Insurance 

Transforming customer service with Azure Cognitive Search and ChatGPT


Our client is a leading insurance company in Belgium, offering a wide range of general insurance products and services for individuals, families, and businesses. As an international financial services company with a strong presence in 18 countries, our client continues to position itself as a key player in the ever-evolving landscape of insurance. 

Spans 18 countries 


Committed to understanding and meeting the unique needs of each customer, our client prioritizes excellence in insurance service deliveries.  

With a focus on fostering strong, lasting relationships, our client goes beyond conventional practices, tailoring insurance solutions that not only provide comprehensive coverage but also ensure a seamless and customer-friendly experience.  

However, the company faced some challenges in handling inquiries regarding its general insurance products, such as car, home, and travel insurance… especially in equipping its teams with the correct information for exceptional customer services. The challenges were: 

  • Lack of a centralized and easily accessible information repository. 
  • Inconsistent and outdated information on products and services. 
  • Sourcing info manually from old documentation and other employees. 
  • Delays and inefficiencies in customer service and knowledge sharing. 
  • Difficulty in training new joiners and keeping them updated on products.  
  • Inaccessibility for a database of upgrades to features and services. 
  • Limited insights on customer needs, preferences, and feedback. 

To overcome these challenges, our client decided to leverage Gen AI to create a chatbot that could provide quick and accurate answers to questions regarding its insurance products and services.


Our team created a chatbot assistant powered by gen AI to provide answers to inquiries regarding its wide array of general insurance products. We developed the chatbot in close collaboration with our client’s product department, using Azure cognitive search and ChatGPT. 

Azure cognitive search is a cloud-based service that enables natural language processing (NLP), knowledge mining, and semantic search capabilities on complex and heterogeneous data sources.  

Open AI’s ChatGPT is a pre-trained language model that can generate natural and fluent responses based on user input and context. 

The Gen AI Chatbot Assistant at Work  

  • Document Processing: All the product documents, such as general conditions, product descriptions, FAQs, and Insurance Product Information Documents (IPIDs), are uploaded to Azure cognitive search and transformed for vector search.  
  • User Query Transformation: When a user asks a question, the chatbot deconstructs the user input and transforms it into vectors. It then searches through the document index and finds the most relevant information based on vector similarity. 
  • Answer Delivery: When the chatbot finds a relevant answer, it condenses and provides it to the user.  
  • Contextual Assistance: The chatbot assistant also suggests three follow-up questions based on the user context, using ChatGPT. This helps to provide further assistance and guidance to the user. 
  • Feedback Recording: The chatbot records user feedback on the quality of the answer, using an interactive thumbs-up or thumbs-down button. This feedback is stored in a database for future analysis and response improvement. 


Implementing the chatbot assistant significantly benefited our clients, employees, and customers. Some benefits are: 

  • Efficient Resolutions 

Get instant and accurate answers for customer service queries, reducing the time and effort required to find information.  

  • Improved Productivity 

Boost productivity and performance of employees and partners who handle customer queries. 

  • Reduced Response Time  

Reduce the waiting time for customers, as they can get answers to their questions without having to contact a human agent.  

  • Engaging Customer Experience 

Access clear and concise answers, created with natural and polite language. Also avail follow-up questions to provide additional information and guidance.  

  • Increased Customer Satisfaction 

Prompt, accurate, and personalized assistance enhances customer satisfaction through efficient and responsive interactions. 

  • Valuable Customer Insights 

The chatbot assistant collects and analyzes user feedback and questions, providing insights on customer needs, preferences, and feedback.  

  • Identification of Service Gaps  

Our solution enables identification of service gaps or issues in the product design, features, or communication, at later stages. 


By harnessing the power of Azure cognitive search and ChatGPT, our chatbot assistant transforms our client’s commitment toward pioneering with AI for customer service. With the ability to provide Gen AI-powered information swiftly and accurately, we ensured a seamless and efficient customer experience.  

Beyond immediate benefits, our chatbot serves as a valuable tool for gathering insights and guiding product improvements based on customer interactions. The chatbot assistant exemplifies our client’s success in leveraging AI technology to redefine customer service, differentiating Hexaware’s Gen AI platforms as a choice for pioneers. 

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