Enhancing Cloud Security and Compliance: A Transformation Journey  Enhancing Cloud Security and Compliance: A Transformation Journey 

Enhancing Cloud Security and Compliance: A Transformation Journey 

Securing Cloud Operations with Hexaware


Our client is a prominent global leader in manufacturing and marketing commercial furnishings, offering a wide range of office furniture, seating, storage, and more under several brands. With a rich history spanning multiple decades, the company continues to play a vital role in transforming various environments across the globe, staying committed to improving spaces where people live, work, and gather. 


The organization faced several challenges in its quest for a secure cloud environment. These challenges included: 

  • Complex Migration Process: The migration of applications from on-premises data centers to Microsoft Azure posed a significant challenge due to its complexity, potentially causing operational disruptions and data security risks. 
  • Stringent Compliance Requirements: The organization needed to align its cloud infrastructure and applications with a multitude of compliance standards, including GDPR, ISO 27001:2013, CIS, PCI DSS, AICPA TSC 2017, CCM, CSA Star, and NIST SP 800-53. Complying with such a diverse set of regulations required a comprehensive approach. 
  • Organizational Security Policies: Adhering to internal security policies while transitioning to a new cloud environment was critical, as any deviation could lead to security vulnerabilities and potential data breaches. 
  • Security Gaps and Vulnerabilities: The existing security landscape had identified gaps and vulnerabilities that needed immediate attention to ensure the safety of sensitive data and applications. 


Amidst the complex challenges faced, Hexaware offered a comprehensive and strategic solution that encompassed the following key elements: 

  • Comprehensive Assessment: Hexaware initiated the transformation by conducting an in-depth assessment of the organization’s security landscape. This assessment involved a granular analysis of existing security measures, potential weaknesses, and areas of improvement. 
  • High-Level Roadmap: Based on the assessment findings, Hexaware developed a high-level roadmap outlining the steps needed to achieve the required level of security and compliance. This roadmap provided a clear direction for the organization’s security journey. 
  • Custom Assessment Model: Hexaware introduced a specialized assessment model that combined elements from Gartner, CMM, and ISO 27001 process and control assessment frameworks. This model enabled the organization to analyze, score, and determine the necessary maturity level of security, ensuring alignment with industry standards. 
  • Alignment with Multiple Standards: Hexaware’s solution encompassed a wide range of compliance standards, ensuring that the organization’s cloud infrastructure and applications met their stringent requirements. 


The collaborative efforts between the organization and Hexaware resulted in significant benefits that not only addressed the challenges at hand but also set the stage for future success. These benefits included:  

  • Enhanced Security Posture: The collaboration with Hexaware significantly improved the organization’s security posture. Identified vulnerabilities were addressed, and security measures were strengthened, resulting in a more resilient and secure environment. 
  • Risk Mitigation: The detailed assessment and robust roadmap contributed to risk mitigation, reducing the potential for security breaches, data loss, and operational disruptions. This, in turn, enhanced the organization’s reputation and customer trust. 
  • Compliance Achievements: The organization successfully met its objective of enhancing audit and regulatory compliance. Compliance with several standards was effectively achieved, ensuring the organization’s operations remained within legal and regulatory boundaries. 
  • Operational Efficiency: With improved security and compliance, the organization experienced increased operational efficiency, as it could focus on its core activities without the constant concern of security-related disruptions. These benefits not only resolved immediate challenges but also positioned the organization for long-term growth and success. 


The partnership between the organization and Hexaware exemplifies a remarkable success story of cloud security and compliance. The organization’s challenges were met with a forward-looking approach, ensuring a secure and compliant cloud environment. This case study highlights the transformation achieved by enhancing security posture and reducing risks, ultimately paving the way for future innovation and success. Hexaware’s expertise and the organization’s commitment to security have set a new standard for the industry, demonstrating the possibilities of a secure, compliant, and innovative cloud environment. 

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