Empowering Education with the Adobe Experience Cloud Empowering Education with the Adobe Experience Cloud

Empowering Education with the Adobe Experience Cloud

Digital experience transformation for one of Australia’s top universities


Our client’s esteemed institution is one of Australia’s first higher-education universities. It is highly recognized for its commitment to cutting-edge research and extensive academic programs. Renowned for their excellence, they offer a wide spectrum of programs and house an inclusive, diverse, vibrant, and multicultural community driven towards making a significant global impact.


In pursuit of an innovative edge, our client embarked on a mission to develop a tailored digital platform to foster collaboration, boost efficiency, and provide seamless access to transformative learning experiences for its community. Without such a platform, effectively engaging all members was daunting, potentially leading to missed opportunities in the digital age.

Moreover, without the ability to offer personalized experiences that were accessible digitally, anywhere and anytime, our client risked falling behind in meeting the evolving expectations of students and stakeholders. They recognized personalization as the key to fostering a sense of belonging within their students in this new day and age, marking it an essential challenge to overcome.

Furthermore, lacking a comprehensive digital platform meant our client couldn’t tap into valuable data-driven insights crucial for informed decision-making and competitiveness in higher education markets. Ultimately, the platform was a step towards enabling the university to leverage its strengths and embrace change.

Our client wanted to empower their learning community with a tailored digital platform to foster transformative learning experiences, meeting evolving needs, and shaping a digital playground for future educational and learning demands.


Crafting a Digital Experience for Academic Excellence

To kickstart our client’s digital transformation journey, we identified the need to blueprint, design, and enable the university with a modern, scalable, and personalized digital experience platform. Choosing Adobe as an apt digitalization enabler, our platform would streamline learning and collaboration experiences for students, researchers, faculty, and alumni.

With a clear vision, we designed and implemented an end-to-end digital experience platform for education, from the ground up. Leveraging our UX expertise, we ensured that user experience remained at the forefront of our efforts for each unique consumer persona.

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Sites: Initiating Unparalleled Digital Connectivity

Adobe Experience Manager Sites was our choice to bring our client’s vision to life. Using this product from the Adobe Experience Cloud suite, we crafted an experience that prioritized intuitive navigation, accessibility, and personalization. We aimed to boost student-faculty and alumni engagement and satisfaction, transform learning programs to digital-first experiences, enhance student collaboration, and facilitate a network for all university stakeholders to stay informed about current and upcoming examinations, deadlines, campus activities, and more.

Adobe’s Marketing Automation Tools: Transforming Communication and Engagement

In addition to revamping our digital infrastructure, we recognized the importance of optimizing communication channels and creating a new outlook for stakeholder engagement. With Adobe’s marketing automation tools, we introduced methods to tailor messaging, deliver targeted content, and nurture relationships with its community, increasing involvement across all university initiatives.

A New Experience in Imparting Knowledge: Digitalized, Improved Faculty Support

The university’s digital transformation initiative extends its benefits beyond students. The platform facilitates faculty members’ teaching and research efforts by granting them access to many relevant tools, resources, and digital support services to excel in their roles.

Automating the Transformation: Efficiency Across Our Digitalization Efforts

To support the seamless development of our platform, we implemented complete DevOps pipeline automation across the digital application portfolio. We automated key processes such as deployment, testing, and monitoring. Our streamlined approach to operations empowered our teams to streamline all efforts across the experience ecosystem allowing them to shift their focus to crafting unique value-added student solutions and services.

Our journey towards digitalization included stellar guidance for strategic investments, our teams’ collaborative efforts, and a relentless commitment to innovation across learning experiences.

In architecting a modern digital experience platform to foster a culture of innovation, we have laid a solid foundation for the digital future in higher education, with our client leading the charge.


Strategic Investment in the Digital Future

We drove a strategic investment in the university’s digital future by architecting and designing a multi-purpose modern digital experience platform that aligns with the institution’s long-term goals and vision for innovation and excellence in higher education.

Improved Faculty Support Initiatives

The platform enhances support for faculty members in their teaching and research endeavors by providing access to relevant tools, resources, and support services, enabling them to excel in their roles and contribute to the university’s academic mission.

80% Increase in Student Engagement

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Sites helped our client achieve an 80% growth in the overall engagement of students and researchers across its platform’s learning experiences, tailored to facilitate students’ dynamic collaboration needs, it simplified digital access to study materials and other resources from anywhere and at any time.

50% Improvement in Students’ Course Planning

Realized a 50% improvement in course planning by integrating the digital experience platform with core applications like learning management systems, identity systems, and more, facilitating streamlined access to relevant information and processes.

Seamless Student Onboarding Experience

Streamlined the onboarding process for new students, researchers, and faculty by providing easy access to essential resources and information through intuitive, user-friendly digital interfaces.

Data-driven Academic Program Development

The university can now harness the power of data insights to orchestrate strategic decisions and initiatives, driving continuous improvement and innovation within its ecosystem.

Immersive, Personalized Learning Experience

Enhanced learning journeys for students and researchers by leveraging Adobe’s powerful suite of tools to personalize user experiences, creating a responsive and engaging digital environment catering to learners’ preferences and evolved needs.

Increased Research Collaboration Tenfold

Our digital experience centralized collaboration with a single platform for searching research resources, connecting with peers, and collaborating on interdisciplinary projects.

A Modern Outlook for Adaptive Learning

Created an adaptive learning environment to cater to diverse learning styles and preferences.

Streamlined Collaboration across the Campus

Utilized core applications, integrated with Adobe AEM, enabling seamless communication and collaboration for all academic endeavors.

New, Improved Communication Channels

Established efficient and effective communication channels across the university community, boosting students’ drive to learn and study initiatives across disciplines.

Data-driven Resource Allocation

Improved resource allocation to leverage data insights driving informed decision-making and optimization for university resources and budgets for growth.

Scalable, Reliable Digital Experience Platform

The digital experience platform’s scalability features will efficiently handle the growing number of users and data, maintaining performance and reliability even as its community expands and evolves.

Digital-first Alumni Engagement

Boosted alumni engagement by providing personalized experiences, encouraging continued involvement and support for their academic community.

30% Growth in Alumni Participation

Provided students with networking opportunities and increased Alumni participation in building professional development resources for its students, fostering new connections, and driving mentorship opportunities within the community.


A modernized approach to digital experiences with the Adobe Experience Cloud suite enhances the university’s academic endeavors. Implementing new age student experience tools like immersive learning systems, robust identity management, and more, streamlines administrative processes, enhancing student engagement and interaction with university resources.

This Adobe-powered transformation fosters a collaborative and personalized learning environment, empowering students, faculty, researchers, and alumni. Furthermore, its data-driven insights enable informed decision-making, foster continuous improvement, and position the university as a true leader in innovation and excellence.

At the heart of our initiative’s success lies our commitment to pioneering innovation for the university, exemplified by the end-to-end digital experience platform.

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