COCO Unified Teams Bot COCO Unified Teams Bot

COCO Unified Teams Bot

Optimizing Operations to Improve Productivity & Employee Experience

The client is a global IT services organization helping businesses across industries with solutions for automation, cloud migration and customer experience. The company employs over 20,000 people worldwide and has nearly $800 million in revenues.

One of the key factors impacting their employee experience and productivity is the time and effort required in doing various tasks like raising service desk tickets, applying for leave, or searching for people in the organization. The proliferation of legacy systems added to the challenge, as the systems had become more complex to navigate, making daily transactions time-consuming and taxing for employees.

This case study demonstrates how COCO, an AI-powered, Microsoft unified Teams bot developed by Hexaware helped save crucial time in routine transactions while boosting employee experience and productivity.

Key results:

  • Up to 80% time savings in daily routine transactions
  • Up to 90% time savings for managers who approve requests from their team members
  • Improved accessibility and omnichannel experience with 100% Teams adoption across geographies

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