Charting an Optimal Cloud Course for a Leading Telecom Provider  Charting an Optimal Cloud Course for a Leading Telecom Provider 

Charting an Optimal Cloud Course for a Leading Telecom Provider 

Crafting a Seamless and Strategic Migration Plan.


Our client is a leading telecom provider in the Nordics, delivering over $3B in annual revenue. With millions of subscribers across Northern Europe, they are recognized for their commitment to providing high-quality connectivity through innovative technologies and infrastructure. Their solutions cater to individuals, businesses, and organizations across the region. 


Facing an evolving technology landscape, our client sought to assess the feasibility of migrating their vast enterprise applications to the cloud. Specific challenges included: 

  • Performing a comprehensive analysis of IT, business, and financial implications involved in a large-scale cloud migration 
  • Managing interdependencies, complexities, and transition risks across 1200+ applications 
  • Optimizing capacity and cost considerations for the future cloud end-state 
  • Mapping out a phased migration approach aligned to business priorities 


To address these challenges, we implemented a tailored cloud assessment and migration strategy: 

  • Detailed cloud readiness analysis of all 1200+ applications with migration recommendations 
  • Customized wave planning based on business criticality and interdependencies 
  • Optimized end-state architecture and pricing model for the cloud 
  • Automated discovery and assessment for accelerated data collection 
  • Blueprint automation to enable Infrastructure-as-Code capabilities 


Our collaboration yielded substantial results: 

  • Reduced risk with a meticulous cloud migration roadmap 
  • Improved efficiency through discovery automation 
  • Enhanced agility and scalability via cloud-native principles 
  • Estimated 40% cost savings from optimized cloud infrastructure 
  • Streamlined future migrations through reusable blueprints 


The success of this engagement demonstrates how methodical planning and automation can unlock the full possibilities of cloud migration. By taking a holistic approach, we empowered our client to make a confident leap into the digital future, backed by cloud-powered versatility. The outcomes of this initiative will serve as a catalyst for continued innovation and growth in the years ahead. 

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