Augmenting End-user Experience by Migrating to Windows Virtual Desktop  Augmenting End-user Experience by Migrating to Windows Virtual Desktop 

Augmenting End-user Experience by Migrating to Windows Virtual Desktop 

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The client is one of the largest commercial real estate and finance organizations in the United States. It specializes in creating, developing, and supporting member companies that provide commercial real estate-related services, alternative investment funds, and investment advice.  


The client wanted to migrate from its existing on-premises VMWare Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) to a cloud-based VDI service. The critical challenges at the client’s end included: 

  • Downgraded performance of the on-premises VDI environment (VMWare Horizon) due to several challenges with the data center infrastructure 
  • The need to retire the private cloud and decommission data centers because of high operational costs 
  • Many complex user applications and a disjointed infrastructure, which led to a poor user experience, especially during the peak infra utilization period 
  • High provisioning time for new onboarding, which led to a lot of buffer quality issues 
  • Managing O365 app settings and Line of Business (LOB) applications connectivity 


The Hexaware solution migrated around 200 users from VMWare on-premises to Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD)-native, ensuring global availability. The highly scalable and agile implementation, with lower provisioning time, made it easier for the users to onboard and offboard easily. The solution ensured: 

  • The global availability of Windows Virtual Desktop powered by Azure 
  • Inbuilt security with a reverse connect to airlock data for anywhere access with encrypted data in flight and at rest while communicating securely with on-premises-backed services 
  • Enhanced application support, image management, and containerized profiles for high-performing sessions 
  • Monitoring and logging for better analytics 
  • Integration with existing identity policies and data management 



  • Agility and scalability helped in faster onboarding and offboarding of end users 
  • 40-50% time savings against manual WVD implementation


  • Hexaware brought in more than 70% automation, resulting in better quality of migration, utilizing homegrown apps, products, and services in the best possible way


  • Hexaware cut down the overall cost of operations by around 50% for the organization. 
  • Saved time and cost associated with organizing controlled access for the contractors and special use cases 


The solution leveraged the existing investments in Microsoft and the workspace ecosystem and helped keep end-users productive anywhere, anytime. It eliminated the trouble of managing and maintaining complex IT environments for the client, thus allowing more time and value-add to core business operations. The future-ready cloud solution reduced the overall cost of operations by 50%. 

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