Automation-led Application and Data Architecture Transformation with Amaze®  Automation-led Application and Data Architecture Transformation with Amaze® 

Automation-led Application and Data Architecture Transformation with Amaze® 

Top-tier Pharmaceutical Company Accelerates Application & Database Migration to a private cloud


Our esteemed client, a leading pharmaceutical giant, boasts a global footprint across 130+ countries, specializing in Human Pharma, Animal Health, and Biopharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing. With over 52,000 employees and revenues surpassing $20+ Billion, they stand at the forefront of innovation and healthcare excellence. 

$20+ Billion Revenue 


Business Challenges  

In response to formidable business challenges stemming from outdated data infrastructure, our client recognized the imperative for a cloud migration solution, given their substantial investment in a private cloud platform.  

Automation was crucial due to numerous applications and substantial data. Financial strain from outdated technology heightened the need for transformation to modernized platforms, vital for agility and responsiveness in healthcare innovation.  

The heavily invested private cloud platform added urgency to embrace contemporary cloud technologies, highlighting the crucial role of modernized data solutions for sustained success and competitiveness in the healthcare sector. 

Application Transformation Challenges  

Our client sought an automated cloud migration solution to modernize their outdated Java 2-tier and COTS applications to a more advanced system in the cloud. The goal was to move these applications to the cloud using containers, specifically on an OpenShift-based private cloud. Automation-led migration was requested for a smooth transition without disruptions, and to save on time, effort, and money. 

Firstly, the migration of legacy Java and COTS applications to the OpenShift-based private cloud introduced compatibility and integration hurdles, necessitating a strategic approach to ensure a smooth transition.  

Secondly, adapting COTS installation steps to align with the Linux UBI-based image posed a unique set of challenges, requiring meticulous adjustments to preserve functionality.  

Lastly, the absence of a customer-provided development environment added complexity, as creating and testing new software lacked a ready-made space.  

These challenges underscored the intricate nature of data architecture transformation in a dynamic technological landscape. 


The Hexaware Solution  

Hexaware’s Amaze® platform played a pivotal role in streamlining the complex process of migrating legacy Java and COTS applications to the OpenShift-based private cloud. Utilizing Amaze®, we conducted a comprehensive assessment and replatforming to navigate the complexity and follow an automation roadmap, ensuring a seamless on-premises to OpenShift cloud migration without impacting day-to-day operations. 

We solved application migration challenges using the following solutions: 

Streamlined Cloud Migration: For COTS applications, we executed a lift and shift from Windows VM to a Linux OpenShift container, accompanied by efficient data migration.  

Improving How the Apps Work: We enhanced application architecture by decoupling the User Interface (UI) and backend service layer, fostering modularity.  

Automatic Business Service Creation: Using smart automation, we ensured that different parts of the application transfer data seamlessly, making the whole system work in sync. 

Improve Organization of Services: We logically grouped business services as macro applications, enhancing organizational structure.  

Swift Move to the Cloud: Bundling microservices with dependencies, containerizing them on Spring Boot with Tomcat, and deploying on OpenShift facilitated a swift transition to a cloud-native application within a concise timeframe.  

Enhanced Security Measures: Partial automation was employed to seamlessly upgrade application security, implementing OpenID Connect (OIDC) OAuth for enhanced protection. 

Our upgrades streamline operations, enhance adaptability, and fortify security for our pharmaceutical client, ensuring smoother navigation in their dynamic industry. 


Rapid 6-Week Migration 

Swift completion of application migration to the cloud. 

Zero Downtime  

Seamless infrastructure upgrades without disruptions. 

Organization of Services  

Micro/macro service distinctions for efficient functionality. 

CI/CD Framework  

Augmented reporting and transparency with CI/CD framework. 

IT Expense Refinement 

Streamlined overall IT expenses for the client. 

Increased Productivity with Apps  

Enhanced development efficiency for accelerated progress. 

High-level SSO Security  

High-level security fortified through Single Sign-On (SSO). 

Streamlined Maintenance Costs 

Forever eradicated End of Life (EOL) maintenance costs. 

Savings on Scalability Initiatives 

Reduced costs for peak readiness with improved scaling. 

Cost Efficiency Catalyst 

Amaze® brought a 55% reduction in implementation costs. 


The transformation for applications and data architecture with Amaze® catapults our client to the forefront of innovation, ushering in a new era of agility, scalability, and financial efficiency. With zero downtime on infrastructure upgrades, our client experienced uninterrupted operations during migration.  

Our Amaze®-led transformation not only expands our client’s cloud footprint but also optimizes overall IT expenses. 

By swiftly eliminating End of Life (EOL) maintenance costs and streamlining implementation, the cloud transformation positions our client as a forward-thinking industry leader, ready to drive innovation. 

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