API-driven Omnichannel Digital Experiences API-driven Omnichannel Digital Experiences

API-driven Omnichannel Digital Experiences

Crafting a Seamless and Intuitive Self-service Portal with Guidewire


Our client is one of the UK’s largest insurance providers, offering a diverse range of insurance and retirement solutions. With millions of customers across the region, they are recognized for their commitment to providing financial security through innovative products and services. 


To deliver more personalized and consistent experiences across business lines, our client sought to consolidate and upgrade their digital properties.  

The primary challenge for the client’s digital transformation initiative was centered around elevating direct customer sales through online channels by markedly enhancing the overall customer experience.  

Simultaneously, the challenge involved fully leveraging the potential of the Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) solution, Guidewire, to ensure alignment with the broader digital transformation goals.  

This entailed tailoring and maximizing Guidewire’s capabilities to contribute significantly to improved customer interactions and increased online sales, thus forming a comprehensive approach to meet core objectives. 

Our client’s goals included: 

  • Modernizing advisor and customer portals through platform consolidation 
  • Improving self-service capabilities and online transactions 
  • Providing intuitive dashboards for advisors to enhance decision making 
  • Tracking pension and account details in real-time 


API-Driven Richer Customer Experience  

Hexaware strategized to deliver a better, lighter, and richer customer experience by enabling an application processing interface (API)-driven microservices architecture that is consistent across all channels. For this, we developed:  

  • An Enterprise API Catalog 
  • An API layer exposing business processes and functionality of Guidewire  
  • API-driven multi-channel platform  

We provided a Business API layer delivering the company’s business functions, wrapping Guidewire, and defined channel and business-oriented API constructs including structure, format, security and access mechanisms, and granularity.  

How did we do it? 

  • API-driven composable microservices architecture  
  • Leveraged Hexaware’s pre-built API designs  
  • Enabled MuleSoft as the core API management platform 

Transforming the Digital Experience Further 

To take the customer experience a step further, we implemented an end-to-end digital experience transformation: 

  • Consolidated platforms from 3 to 1 using Sitecore with React front-end 
  • Built user-friendly self-service portal with account management capabilities 
  • Created contextualized dashboards for advisors with data visualizations 


Our collaborative efforts achieved measurable results: 

  • 60% increase in site traffic through improved digital experience 
  • 40% reduction in advisor lead time with streamlined workflows 
  • Over 10% increase in online sales through the mobile app 
  • Enhanced customer self-service for policy and pension details 
  • Boosted advisor efficiency through data-driven insights 
  • Faster response times through real time notifications for claims 
  • Ability to provide intelligence around the claim, trend, and conversions to sales team and agents 


This success story highlights how strategic digital platform consolidation and innovation can unlock tangible business value. By crafting intuitive user experiences underpinned by automation, we empowered our client to strengthen advisor and customer relationships, achieve operational excellence, and continue thriving in a dynamic market. 

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