Immersive Virtual Showroom for Luxury Fashion Brands, Powered by Adobe Immersive Virtual Showroom for Luxury Fashion Brands, Powered by Adobe

Immersive Virtual Showroom for Luxury Fashion Brands, Powered by Adobe

A first-principles concept to realize on-brand customizable virtual showroom experiences


Our client is a pioneering fashion technology company transforming the industry landscape for luxury brands, particularly in managing their global presence in the digital-first realm. Their primary focus lies in reshaping the dynamics between luxury brands, VIPs, retailers, media, and consumers by leveraging digital innovation as their driving force. 

40+ Luxury Brand Partners


The Business Challenges

Prior to COVID-19’s impact on the fashion industry, most wholesale orders for ready-to-wear designer fashion brands required a visit to a physical showroom. The fashion industry operated at B2B & B2C crossroads since buyers had to be physically present in fashion events and experience the products first-hand before committing to expensive purchases.

The only digitalization that had been successfully embraced as part of B2B practices was the use of order-taking applications (primarily tablet-based) by designer’s sales assistants. Rarely were these apps accessed remotely, as the digital images were only thumbnails, sketches, or poor commercial photography that did not provide enough product information to allow for the confident placement of an order.

However, the onset of travel restrictions due to COVID-19 led to an industry-wide tipping point.

In the new post-COVID paradigm, designers, operators, and retailers wanted individual virtual showrooms. Hence, our client saw the opportunity to translate the physical showroom experience to a immersive virtual experience that encapsulates a unique and on-brand experience for retailers viewing and placing wholesale orders. The client envisioned a cloud native managed solution with individual domains pointing to a single system. Each showroom/domain would offer an innovative, on-brand metaverse like experiences with customizable content and layouts that the end user would see and interact with.

The client also viewed this new solution as an opportunity to ease expansion into international markets. Language barriers, cultural differences, and the plentitude of shopper preferences were significant obstacles, limiting the global reach of our client’s luxury fashion partners. By moving the showroom experience to an immersive digital-first virtual experience, these obstacles could be more easily solved leveraging the magic of technology. The new virtual showroom experience would enable luxury fashion buyers from all over the world to shop together—making shopping once again the social activity it’s meant to be.

The client chose Hexaware as their partner of choice to bring this experience to life.


Adobe Experience Manager: Immersive  Metaverse like Experience

Hexaware leveraged the Adobe Experience Cloud product suite to deliver this groundbreaking immersive digital experience. We used its cutting-edge platform Adobe Experience Manager to build a realm for luxury fashion to usher in a new era of immersive enchantment.

Adobe’s robust suite of tools enabled us to craft immersive 360° virtual tours, interactive shoppable videos, and synchronized virtual and physical orders. We integrated AR and 3D rendering technologies, to create VR immersive showrooms and elevated the experience for the fashion technology company’s luxury brand clientele.

The new metaverse like experience enabled us to deliver compelling and immersive online interactions for our client, thereby transforming brand engagement for their luxury brand partners and changing the way people experience luxury fashion.

Designing the Immersive Virtual Showroom

Hexaware built a multi-tenant immersive digital native experience to deliver journeys for luxury designer brands. A key requirement was full customization, allowing each partner to craft their own distinctive on-brand experience. The new platform delivers this and more, with each partner able to launch customizable virtual showrooms and personalized brand journeys—and it only takes less than one week.

The vision extended beyond a conventional digital showroom, . This forward-thinking approach leveraged digital twin technology, replicating real-world products and places in virtual spaces.

Our solution offered the following features:

  • Immersive 360° virtual tours for curated collections
  • Immersive virtual showrooms
  • Fashion collections turned into clickable videos/images, with virtual hotspots and touchpoints
  • Cross-platform customizations and templates to power purposeful brand gravity
  • Digital twin concept for virtual product replicas and uncompromised brand interactions
  • Sophisticated navigation and user pathways
  • Provisions for regionalization
  • AR and 3D rendering
  • Live streaming and chat


The future of luxury, made possible

Our client translated their vision for a luxury fashion metaverse into a reality.

  • Within a month of the launch, our client smoothly onboarded two leading luxury brands
  • The platform can launch new seasonal collections in less than a week
  • 40+ luxury fashion brands onboarded to date
  • Revenue generated in the first year was $14+ Mn
  • Year two projected revenue expected to reach US $50+ Mn


Our client stands out amongst its luxury brand clientele because of the first-principles experience for immersive online showrooms, offering an unparalleled platform to its partners to build digital experiences around their extensive luxury fashion collections.

The visionary solution built with Adobe Experience Manager addresses the friction across traditional business channels, positioning our client as a trailblazer in redefining the future of the luxury fashion wholesale experience.

With Adobe’s cutting-edge technology and Hexaware’s expert guidance, our client laid the groundwork for its transformative metaverse experience.

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