A World-Leading Healthcare Information Company Unifies HCM Systems Post M&A & Reduces Manual Efforts with Workday A World-Leading Healthcare Information Company Unifies HCM Systems Post M&A & Reduces Manual Efforts with Workday

A World-Leading Healthcare Information Company Unifies HCM Systems Post M&A & Reduces Manual Efforts with Workday

HR transformation journey continues with 24x7 Workday support for the world’s leading healthcare information services company.


The client is a prominent global information and technology services company that offers comprehensive solutions to clients in the healthcare industry, enabling them to measure and enhance their performance. The company boasts a workforce of 15,000 employees spread across over 100 countries. 


Client’s Business Challenges: 

The client’s growing millennial workforce and acquisitions required them to move from their legacy PeopleSoft HR application to a modern cloud-based Workday application. They sought a partner with immense experience in Workday and PeopleSoft applications to help in the deployment and support of: 

  • BU level requirements for detailed complex reports Integration of Workday application with other key business systems catering to Financial Planning and Budgeting, BI, CRM, Learning Management, Payroll, and more. 
  • Running and maintaining daily operations using the Workday application. 
  • Transition to production support. 

Technical Environment: 

  • Workday: Core HCM, Talent/Performance & Succession, Recruiting, Benefits, Payroll, Absence Management and Time Tracking 
  • Other Business Systems: PeopleSoft (Payroll), SAP, Salesforce, Active Directory, SABA, Concur, JML, LMS, Arc, PBF (Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting), MRDW (ETL), and OBIEE (Security). 


The Hexaware solutions comprised an offshore-based Workday support center for the client to fulfill their requirements and enable the smooth functioning of their everyday processes. The entire gamut of requirements and issues was handled in an SLA-driven approach. The following steps were taken by Hexaware to resolve all issues and challenges faced by the client: 

  • Seamless integration to downstream systems: Provided solutions and built 80+ Workday integrations to PeopleSoft payroll, third-party and downstream systems. 
  • Creation of complex reports: Designed best solutions for report development covering Workday functionalities such as Core HCM, Compensation, Security, Talent, and Recruiting. 
  • Efficient handling of day-to-day transactional sheets and uploads: Provided solution to optimize data uploads into Workday. 
  • Proactive initiative to resolve user access issues in downstream applications without modifying the existing design/code. 
  • Automation of existing manual process: Developed custom integration and automated the existing manual process of moving the employee profile photos in and out of the HR employee directory. This saved a lot of time and effort for the users. 
  • SLA-driven 24×7 Workday Support: The Workday AMS Support service center was built for resolving L2, L3, and L4 issues and incidents. It was an SLA-driven model with round-the-clock support.


Business Benefits: 

  • 60% reduction in manual efforts by optimization of data uploads. 
  • Automation of recurring manual processes resulting in time and effort savings. 
  • 100% adherence to SLAs. 

Engagement Highlights: 

  • Value addition: Hexaware went beyond the defined scope of work to add value to the client’s processes. The client was experiencing challenges in a mass notification process. Hexaware took up this challenge even though it was not in scope and provided a solution, thereby adding immense value to the client. This solution was well appreciated by the client. 
  • Customer focus initiatives: The talent profile template available under Workday did not fit the client’s requirements. Hexaware took up this challenge and prototyped the customer-expected template in Workday. This was not in the defined scope of work. However, Hexaware understood the client’s needs and designed the layout accordingly. 
  • On-time delivery of quality deliverables. 
  • Out-of-box solutions for new reports and integrations. 


The collaboration with Hexaware showcases the remarkable journey of a world-leading healthcare information company reducing manual efforts with Workday. Faced with a transition from legacy PeopleSoft to Workday, Hexaware provided comprehensive solutions, including seamless integration, complex report creation, and automation, resulting in a 60% reduction in manual efforts and 100% SLA adherence. Noteworthy engagement highlights include Hexaware’s value addition and customer-focused initiatives, delivering on time and providing out-of-the-box solutions. This case study exemplifies a successful HR transformation journey and the benefits of a strategic partnership with Hexaware. 

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