A Digital Solution for Improving People’s Sleeping Habits for Better Health  A Digital Solution for Improving People’s Sleeping Habits for Better Health 

A Digital Solution for Improving People’s Sleeping Habits for Better Health 

Empowering people to take control of their sleep quality.


Our client is a leading Medtech global leader. Through innovation, they make people’s lives better and serve the underserved. The client is driven to meet consumer needs and empower clinicians worldwide with tools that help them make accurate diagnoses and deliver personalized treatment. 


Sleep disorders, often underestimated, contribute to widespread health problems like diabetes, obesity, depression, heart attacks, and strokes. Shocking statistics reveal that 67% of adults worldwide report sleep disturbances occur at least once every night. 

Our client, a leading MedTech company, recognized the urgent need to raise awareness about these sleep disorders. Their objective was to reshape people’s perceptions and behaviors regarding sleep and encourage healthier sleep habits. This challenge was compounded by the scale of the problem. They turned toward technology for innovative, scalable, and user-friendly solutions.   


With Hexaware’s expertise, the client created a personalized digital solution to enable people to make smart decisions about their sleep routine, track and improve sleep patterns, and achieve a better night’s sleep.  

How does the app work? 

The app monitors essential data points, such as sleep patterns over time, heartbeat, and breathing. This data analysis helps identify deep sleep cycles, optimizing sleep quality. 

Hexaware played a key role in delivering this seamless end-consumer experience through comprehensive user experience design. Additionally, it built the underlying digital platform leveraging the services of the AWS cloud for robust performance.  

Hexaware’s contribution spanned various critical components, including mobile and web front-end development, connectivity solutions, advanced analytics, infrastructure support, and digital consultancy services. 


Over 80% of users experienced substantial improvements within just two weeks of using the application! 

These improvements encompassed maintaining a healthy weight, fortifying the immune system, and achieving a significant reduction in stress levels.  


This innovative mobile application enables people to sleep better without medication or supplements. 


By partnering with Hexaware, the MedTech company in the Netherlands successfully addressed the widespread issue of sleep disorders. Their digital platform not only increased awareness of sleep’s crucial role in health but also provided individuals with the tools to make more informed decisions about their sleep habits. The results were transformative, with a significant number of users experiencing health benefits within just two weeks, all without the need for medication or supplements. This case study underscores the potential of digital solutions in enhancing overall well-being and improving public health. 

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