360° CX Optimization with the Adobe Experience Cloud Suite 360° CX Optimization with the Adobe Experience Cloud Suite

360° CX Optimization with the Adobe Experience Cloud Suite

Customer analytics & journey optimization for a big 4 global professional service firm


Our client, a big 4 professional services firm, offers a comprehensive range of services including audit, tax, advisory, business risk, technology, security risk, and human capital services. They operate as a network of member firms structured as independent entities or partnerships.

Professional Services in 150+ countries


Our client, a leading professional services firm, commands an industry-leading digital presence honed over decades of strategic nurturing. Within this digital landscape, an aura of quiet confidence pervades—a testament to their unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.

Their digital footprint spans a vast expanse, from their flagship website to internal websites, social media platforms and beyond. Each digital property, crafted to showcase their breadth and depth of expertise, is testament to their commitment to innovation and professionalism. Yet, amid the whirlwind of success, a critical oversight threatened to cast a shadow over their achievements.

Beneath the surface of their digital properties lay a fragmented analytics and data landscape, where customer journey data remained siloed, and insights were scattered and indeterminate, like pieces of a puzzle waiting to be thoughtfully assembled. Their expansive digital estate did not consider a modern analytics outlook for informed decisioning, their customer journey analytics lacked new-age capabilities such as:

  • A unified view of data with multi-channel attribution to hyper-personalize marketing.
  • Customer journey data and analytics with unique dimensions and metrics that address dynamic correlations in a customer’s actions to better understand customer intent.
  • Predictive analytics to help guide customers across digital touchpoints and funnels.

Such features are necessary to enable meaningful insights. Drowned in overwhelming volumes of raw data that could be utilized for much more led to missed opportunities and unoptimized sales and marketing decisions.

Furthermore, navigating the vast web of customer touchpoints across multiple platforms and channels proved daunting. Embracing the complexities of constructing a modern digital ecosystem, our client embarked on a challenging journey.

They aimed to integrate new-age analytics to optimize customer engagement strategies, requiring a delicate balance of technological expertise and a drive to craft delightful web experiences.


​Streamlining Customer Experience Management and Analytics

Ever wondered how websites track every unique consumer journey? We helped our client do just that with industry-leading Adobe Experience Cloud solutions, supporting comprehensive experience management and measurement leveraging a comprehensive Analytics and Customer Journey Analytics Solution Design Reference (SDR).

We designed a system that tracked consumer journeys across multiple public-facing and internal websites. Our client’s marketing teams were enabled to identify which pages and journey pathways are most popular and understand how visitors engage with their content across restricted and unrestricted websites, social media channels, and digital campaigns.

Essentially, we’ve enabled our client with experiential tools to transform digital experiences for its dynamic customer base – existing customers seeking additional services, prospects, partners, and anyone interacting with content across its vast digital estate. We’ve achieved this, whilst keeping every system of record and consumer data compliant with global and regional privacy, security and regulatory statutes.

Enhancing Customer Experience Analytics

We initiated the transformation by strategizing, designing, and implementing a comprehensive analytics and customer journey analytics Solution Design Reference (SDR). This design reference enabled real-time tracking and reporting of user interactions and journeys across our client’s external and internal web applications.

We identified top-performing journeys and pages through detailed reporting, analyzing visitor behavior to transform the overall experience. Additionally, we introduced robust tracking mechanisms for content effectiveness and video engagement, providing actionable insights for content engagement and production optimization strategies.

Finally, we configured a virtual report suite to ensure data security and compliance, restricting access to authorized business users while actively monitoring unauthorized attempts.

Optimizing Customer Experiences with The AEC Suite

We harnessed the capabilities of the Adobe Experience Cloud suite across our initiative to optimize customer experiences. We leveraged the suite’s solutions – Adobe Analytics, Adobe Customer Analytics, and Adobe Experience Manager Sites – to uplift our clients’ digital customer experience.

Adobe Analytics: New Age Analytics Capabilities

Adobe Analytics empowers our clients to comprehensively analyze data gathered from every digital interaction across the customer journey. It offers profound insights, flexible reporting, and predictive capabilities to shape highly personalized customer experiences.

Using the Analytics source connector, we’ve linked our clients’ Adobe Analytics report suite data with Customer Journey Analytics. This integration streamlines importing data collected in Adobe Analytics into the Experience Platform, where their digital assets are housed.

Consequently, our clients can easily access and harness insights from this dataset within Customer Journey Analytics, allowing them to leverage valuable information seamlessly across platforms.

Customer Journey Analytics: Deep Insights on Audience Intent and Next Steps

Customer journey analytics are instrumental in unraveling users’ intricate paths across various digital platforms, providing a holistic view of audience and customer intent. This deeper comprehension empowers businesses to make informed decisions and take targeted actions.

By deploying customer journey analytics, our clients gain the capability to fine-tune customer experiences through data-driven insights across their websites, thereby boosting digital effectiveness.

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Sites: Content and Experience Optimization

We optimized the customer experience with AEM Sites – an industry-leading content management system. This integration empowered our team to create high-performance pages across various digital properties, including web, mobile, and apps.

The new-age analytics we integrated for our client gave us invaluable insights into user behavior, preferences, and engagement patterns. These insights served as the foundation for our optimization strategies – to tailor content, pathways, and experiences to meet the evolving needs of their audience.


Leveraging Adobe’s experience suite, we’ve taken a leap forward in understanding customers’ and audiences’ interactions with the experience we’ve built. These tools help our client assimilate customer data across channels to craft targeted marketing initiatives and personalize journeys for prospects.

They also give us a lot of information about how customers navigate through their journeys with the firm. This helps our clients understand what customers want and when they are ready to buy. Additionally, this data enables predictive analytics to foretell what customers will do next.

Integrating multiple Adobe suite tools, we’re helping make smarter decisions and improving digital experiences based on a strong understanding of their customer preferences. The benefits:Top of Form

Advanced Customer Analytics Solutions

Our comprehensive suite of tools, including Adobe Analytics and Customer Journey Analytics, empowered our client to uncover invaluable insights that aid rapid decision making. From identifying top-performing pages to understanding user behavior across platforms, they leverage insights to elevate their brand experiences.

Optimized customer experience strategy

With precision tracking and advanced analytics, our client ensured their content and videos captivated audiences and drove meaningful interactions. By understanding viewer behavior and optimizing content delivery, they achieved heightened customer engagement and audience retention rates.

95% customer satisfaction (CSAT) Score

Our client achieved an outstanding 95% customer satisfaction rate by leveraging our comprehensive approach to experience optimization. They swiftly addressed customer pain points through data-driven insights, enhanced user experiences, and fostered unwavering loyalty.

30% Increase in Digital Engagement

Our client witnessed a substantial 30% increase in digital engagement. We refined their online channels with meticulous analysis and strategic optimizations, maximized user interactions, and elevated their digital presence to drive measurable results.

25% Traffic Growth

Unlocking the full potential of their online presence, our client experienced a noteworthy 25% uptick in website traffic. By refining content strategies and enhancing user experiences, they enjoyed heightened visibility and sustained growth, attracting more visitors and converting them into loyal customers.

Better document and report governance

Our client tailored content offerings and optimized distribution strategies by tracking user engagement with downloadable documents and reports. They gained invaluable insights to refine content delivery and drive maximum impact, ensuring content resonated with their target audience across channels.

Data security and compliance assurance

Our solutions offer unmatched security and compliance measures, providing our clients with peace of mind. Through virtual report suite access insights, they can monitor access, identify potential breaches, and safeguard data integrity, ensuring data security for their organization and their customers.


The Adobe Experience Cloud suite helps businesses create delightful customer experiences powered with deep insights into customers’ behaviors and preferences. With new-age analytics and nurturing exceptional customer experiences, our client can precisely anticipate and respond to customer needs, delivering personalized engagements that further strengthen its market position.

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