20% Automation-led Effort Reduction in Guidewire Upgrade for a Leading Belgian Insurer 20% Automation-led Effort Reduction in Guidewire Upgrade for a Leading Belgian Insurer

20% Automation-led Effort Reduction in Guidewire Upgrade for a Leading Belgian Insurer

Our team at Hexaware carried out an interesting Claims Transformation project for our client. The core objectives of this project were to increase the transparency of its claims processes and support more effective and proactive claims handling while delivering seamless omnichannel services to customers and brokers/ agents.

Hexaware stepped in and transitioned from an incumbent (who had been part of the Guidewire Claims journey from the beginning) to a holistic Claims Transformation partner.

It was also one of the first core Claims Transformation and Upgrade projects in Belgium with Hexaware’s structured / well-defined methodology for Guidewire ClaimCenter®. It included Assessment Phase, Pre-Work, Inception, Deployment and support along with proprietary accelerators and tools to speed up Guidewire ClaimCenter® upgrade – both technical and functional – from v8 to v10.

Some of the core activities managed during the overall Guidewire ClaimCenter® Upgrade project was:

  • Database Consistency check performed on the V8 database. The gap was analysed, proposed the solution to PO for approval, and fixed the data.
  • Perform the functional and impact analysis for the OOB V8 to V10 and created the gap analysis and recommendations to the business team
  • Technical updated (Code moving from V8 to V10) was performed parallel to the inception to get the application up for the functional upgrade
  • Strengthening the technical foundation (architecture and performance)
  • Enable our client to capitalise on the advantage of the new features and functionality available in the latest Guidewire product release to improve business capabilities
  • Get access to a host of powerful new features like refreshed UI, enhanced deductible management, GDPR support, integration views, Rest API framework, and cloud readiness, to name a few

Major benefits delivered to the client are:

  • On-time / On Budget Upgrade: Our multi-shore teams of certified upgrade specialists ensured that not only the upgrade process was seamless but also continued support and value-adds to the ClaimCenter® applications
  • Identified customisations and upgraded to the new version without additions/ enhancements of new features
  • Resolved a huge backlog of defects (200+) from UAT in record delivery time
  • 40% regression automation suite aligned to V10
  • Hexaware upgrade knowledge accelerated the execution time of the project
  • Enabled 10% additional OOTB V10 feature apart from the existing OOTB V8 features
  • Reduced time to market by limiting the upgrade efforts by 15-20% through automation
  • Metrics-based reporting on the performance and monitoring of deliverables

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