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Traditional service providers are operating on a business model skewed towards working offshore, creating labour at scale, at high quality, low cost, where they can leverage the cost advantage to deliver value to their clients. Their tardiness to automate their IT process could result in slow passing of their business model. They have the capability to change but are unwilling to unlearn what they have been doing for the last 15 years and tune their middle managers to use machines to solve problems. Hexaware has a deep righteous conviction and solid belief to bring about an inspiring change in each outsourcing engagement with its passion and fearlessness for adopting automation. This passionate revelation to revolutionize IT opened a whole new realm to the Global IT industry.


We are on a constant change journey with clarity about future and a deep understanding of customers. We define ‘Digital’ as helping our customers transform how they interact with their customers, with an aim to accelerate our customer’s business growth. At the heart of this change agenda is our decision to embrace a new vision, redefine our strategy, create innovative services and competencies, and build a new team of experts that will execute these steps to transformation.

Moving forward from `Shrink IT, Grow Digital’, we focus on three broader themes of AUTOMATE EVERYTHING TM, CLOUDIFY EVERYTHING TM, TRANSFORM CUSTOMER EXPERIENCES TM, to maximize value and ensure customer delight. We have recruited industry’s best leadership team combined with our experienced leaders from the past. Together, we have become a strong organization where the past teaches, and the present innovates for a path-breaking future. Our leaders have witnessed and experienced the growth phase of Indian IT industry. We together share a passion to disrupt the status quo of traditional IT industry by leveraging the power of automation.


A strategy is only good when executed well and a successful execution can be done only when the strategy is rooted in the company’s culture. This transformation encompasses a deep-rooted change in every facet of our business functions, spanning the entire gamut of technology, people and consumer engagement, which in turn requires a systematic synergy of various elements steering our growth strategy.

We are building a unique organization by inculcating the culture of:

Automation First: No fear of revenue cannibalization

Focused Growth aspirations: Focus on only 2-3 new customers per quarter, globally

Cross skilling: We believe in improving the proficiency levels of employees so that they can carry out roles outside their existing responsibilities.

Anti pyramid: The bottom of the pyramid are machines and top of the pyramid is our cross-skilled talent. Together, we represent Man-Machine Collaboration.

Bottom up innovation: Customer-centric innovation by tapping into Hexaware’s talent at grassroots level. 45% of employees participated in bottom-up innovation. Till date, we have 3186 ideas posted out of which 2065 are implemented, saving 1,269,984 effort hrs per year, thereby helping customers save 58.81 M per year.

David vs Goliath: A bold and fearless attitude of going up against the traditional service providers of the industry.


We are led by a simple guiding purpose of bringing man and machine together to create an efficient system. Our changed identity is an affirmation of:

Our Vision to amplify human potential using digital technologies


Our Mission to transform how IT services are delivered, and to be the first IT services company in the world where half the workforce is digital.


Our brand reflects the progressive change that Hexaware is embracing with automation, innovation and artificial intelligence. Inspired by the company’s purpose, we designed a new logo — a bold symbol that represents man-machine collaboration. The blue, yellow and red colours evoke our rich legacy, pulsating energy, and fearlessness.


Hexaware’s brand promise – transforming IT experience – is about disrupting and building customer relationships better through passion, customer centricity, human technology and relentless pursuit of innovation.


We are guided by 5 attributes that shape the culture and define the character of our company.

Cool: We are an energized team passionately working towards innovating future-ready and customer-centric solutions. Being flexible, we are open to adapt to changes and welcome fresh ideas from grassroot levels. Read more.

Disruptive: Digital is disrupting IT industry and we are ardently moving forward on this transformation journey with high velocity. Read more

Highly Passionate: We have a deep-rooted passion for customer-centric innovation through automation and digital transformation. Read more

Fearless Attitude: We have been fearlessly cannibalizing our revenue to bring savings to customers through automation. We foster a culture of David vs. Goliath with a chip on the shoulder attitude. Read more

Anchored in the Past: Hexaware is a seasoned player, with rich and diverse experience. We’ve been around for over 30 years. Read more


As a result of this change journey, we have become the fastest organically growing IT company expanding our global delivery capability with 33 global office and 14,600+ employees. We service customers in over two dozen languages, from every major time zone and every major regulatory zone. Our goal is to be the first IT services company in the world to have a 50% digital workforce.

We take pride in building customer relationships for life. We are on a mission of delighting customers in a different way with the power of:

  • Crowdsourcing for each customer, each day, by 14,600+ Hexawarians
  • Deep knowledge of customer environments due to highest average tenure of employees for a customer account
  • KPIs for account teams and leadership linked to Customer Delight Score, Customer Value Add and Employee Passion Index


This is just the beginning. Hexaware’s unique IPs, frameworks, methodologies with flexible delivery models, strategic partnerships with many of the top and niche technology vendors and automation platform providers, is all poised to meet the challenging dynamics of technology. Fulfilling dreams of a refreshed experience is more than a phrase. It’s our purpose, our passion and our very existence. We bring a commitment. Exceptional experience to every engagement.

We work together to bring about a positive change – to give the world an opportunity to see what it’s like to automate, cloudify and to constantly improve life through TRANSFORM CUSTOMER EXPERIENCES TM.

In the pursuit of an IT that would – Do away with labor arbitrage – Challenge the conventional ideology – Culminating with our strong roots. We are Hexaware.

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