Reintroducing Hexaware

A deep righteous conviction and solid belief that an inspiring change will passionately rally behind each outsourcing engagement. The last two decades have witnessed traditional IT players reporting stellar profit margin, growing their investments in human resources. There is a struggle to transition from human labour to digital labour. This epiphany opened up a whole new realm to the Global IT industry.

Our brand mission originated in the pursuit for an IT that would do away with labor arbitrage, reverse the pyramid and challenge the conventional ideology. Hexaware’s promise is to deliver a totally redefining experience, challenging the traditional IT.

It culminated from the desire to disrupt and build customer relationships better through passion, customer centricity, human technology and relentless pursuit of innovation. It’s not only about meeting their expectations, but being fearless enough to execute the possibilities, taking that extra mile to delight. Hexaware has been marking a milestone with such a realization of a new IT experience.

With innovation imprinted in our DNA, it’s only natural to exude High-Energy, Passion, Fearlessness, Disruption and Coolness. It’s that audacious spirit, we live by today.

The Fearless, The Disruptors, The Passionate Thinkers

Fulfilling dreams of a refreshed experience is more than a phrase. It’s our purpose, our passion and our very existence. We bring a commitment. Exceptional experience to every engagement.

In the pursuit of an IT that would – Do away with labor arbitrage – Challenge the conventional ideology – Culminating with our strong roots. We are Hexaware.

The New Identity

We are revolutionizing IT, helping customers reimagine their business, reduce IT spend and accelerate digital business transformation. Our high-velocity change journey, fuelled by innovation and automation, has been profoundly impacting customers and employees. This renewed purpose resonates the personality and purpose of Hexaware and the next phase we’re heading to.

“We work together to bring about a positive change… Committed to finding a better way. We’ll give the world an opportunity to see what it’s like to automate, digitize and have a better life.”

Our new brand identity honors our iconic legacy, yet embodies the essence of the Hexaware brand promise through our passionate employees and fostering a more agile, cool and energetic culture.

The blue, yellow and red colors are used thoughtfully to represent its rich heritage, pulsating energy, and fearlessness. The logo also exemplifies our rich technology legacy and its future potential. It embodies the high passion and progressive change that Hexaware is embracing with automation, innovation and artificial intelligence.

Reflecting global aspiration, our brand message conveys our passion for a disruption – all while pledging to make a difference through man machine collaboration.

Transcending Generations, Bots and Beyond

Over the years, Hexaware has built IPs, frameworks, methodologies with flexible delivery models, while disrupting the IT landscape by challenging the industry norms. Today, through strategic partnerships with many of top and niche technology vendors and automation platform providers and our unrelenting commitment, Hexaware is experiencing a brand renaissance. This refreshed identity is the next chapter in our incredible history. Our focussed strategy, powerful identity and commitment to excellence, positions us well to meet the challenging dynamics of technology.

We are transforming IT.

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