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How can pharma companies improve their commercial success by focusing on patient engagement?

Life Sciences & Healthcare

November 2, 2021

Pharmaceutical companies remodel their brands according to patient needs and for their benefits throughout patient journey to enable successful clinical trials. COVID-19 has highlighted issues with the current patient engagement models, including the reliance on only one or two communication channels and the utilization of data in silos that prevents all team members from having a holistic view of the data for real-time decision-making.

Pharma companies are undergoing rapid change due to consumer empowerment, clinical innovation, and outcome-based healthcare policies. During this pandemic, pharmaceutical companies are unable to provide the best possible care to patients because most patients are no longer taking their medications and postponing treatments.  It is imperative for pharma companies to apply a range of technologies in order to boost patient engagement in clinical trials. In a survey conducted by J&J, 73% of Americans said they would be comfortable using telehealth to manage their healthcare.

Pharma companies are hampered in their efforts to engage their patients by two paths – not recognizing the potential value of patient services and not knowing where to begin. When developing patient engagement capabilities, it is critical to decide on the path the company intends to follow.

Current Challenges in the Clinical Trials Industry

When patient data is distributed across multiple silos, it can be time-consuming for the care team to pull it all together and make sense of it. As the world moves faster and technology advances, care teams must spend more time understanding their patients’ conditions and giving the best therapy possible in a short amount of time.


A smart pharma commercial strategy with the combination of technology and business solutions can assist the care team in guiding the patient to the best possible care while spending less time learning about technology. Traditional techniques must evolve to keep up with the changing trends.


About the Author

Vishakha Tiwari

Vishakha Tiwari

Vishakha Tiwari is a Business Analyst at Hexaware for the Healthcare and Life Sciences vertical. She assists our business leaders in delivering the best in healthcare and life sciences. With a deep understanding of the industry, Vishakha advises vertical-specific leaders across a range of topics, including new solutions, data-driven strategies for business development, and market research.


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