Get Moving with PeopleSoft Campus Solution Mobile App

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March 20th, 2014

Campus Mobile is a new student self-service app designed for Smartphone devices. It is delivered as part of Campus Solutions Self Service and is readily deployable an IOS or Android smart phones. The application enables students to have constant access to high value self-service transactions and keeps them connected with the university on the go.

Campus Mobile uses the delivered Enrollment Web Services (EWS) to provide real time access to data within Campus Solutions. In Campus Mobile, a RESTful version of the EWS is deployed, leveraging Peopletools 8.52 functionality.

Setting Up Campus Mobile within Campus Solutions

We assume that you have performed and validated all the basic Integration Broker setup.

1. Campus Mobile requires a minimum Peopletools level of Peopletools 8.52. Campus Solutions maintenance level requirements specific to a Campus Mobile release version. This experience is based on “Campus Self Service Mobile version 2, CS 9 bundle #30”.

2. Campus Mobile uses the RESTful versions of the delivered web services, it is important to ensure that you have entered the appropriate URL in the Target Location field of the REST Services Target Locations.

3.  Security configuration: As delivered, all features within Campus Mobile are protected with Role List “CS Mobile Student”. This is a new Permission List created to support authorization in Campus Mobile.

Activating Campus Mobile Service Operations, Handlers, and Routings
“Setting Up Integration Broker for Campus Mobile,” “Activating Campus Mobile Service Operations and Handlers,” and “Generate Routings for the following service operations.”

Features in Campus Mobile
The new mobile features allow a student to take action on and manage key processes through a native, secure, smartphone application

Features Navigation Usage
Springboard Log into the Campus Mobile Log into the Campus Mobile
View Class Schedule Tap the Schedule icon on the springboard or navigation bar. Students view their class schedule for past, present, and future terms.
Enrollment Options When viewing class section details, tap the Add Class, Save Class, or Drop Class button. Students add, save, and drop classes.
View Grades Tap the Grades icon on the springboard or navigation bar. Students view their grades.
Class Search Tap the Classes icon on the springboard or navigation bar. Students search the class schedule for terms in which they are able to enroll.
Cart Tap the Cart icon on the springboard or navigation bar. Students view their enrollment cart for any active term.
Profile Tap the Profile icon on the springboard or navigation bar. Students set notification and certain user preferences.

Campus Mobile Application

Campus mobile startup screen

Login Screen: Student Account:

Springboard screen successful student login

Select current term

View Class Schedule

View Class Search for the 2014 spring term

View selected classes information

Class, Meeting, Instructor Information

Select class for add enrollment

Confirm add enrollment

“ADD” enrollment success without error msg