Data Transformation with Google Cloud’s Stream and Batch Data Processing


February 2, 2024

Data has consistently been a crucial element within the constantly evolving IT realm. From the early days of predominance of relational databases to the rise of analytical processing and the advent of big data solutions, the journey has been extraordinary.

Ushering into the new age with big data, cloud computing, IoT, and APIs, the dynamic landscape of Data Processing has become more intricate and brims with promise.

In today’s era with an abundance of information, where both real-time insights and historical context hold equal importance, enterprises are turning to hyperscaler platforms like Google Cloud for real-time streaming and batch data processing, capabilities that are setting the pace for advancement with big data.

Why Google Cloud for Data Processing?

Google Cloud provides an all-encompassing suite of solutions that tackle the complexities and possibilities of the contemporary data environment. Currently it has positioned itself as the preferred choice for businesses in search of robust data engineering solutions.

Google Cloud offers a comprehensive solution for both batch and stream data processing, providing businesses with the flexibility to handle diverse data processing needs. This unified approach simplifies development, making it easier for organizations to harness the power of data, whether in large-scale batch processing or real-time streaming scenarios.

Understanding Stream and Batch Data Processing

Let’s take you through a step-by-step overview to offer a perspective on both the data processing models and its benefits for your business. Information on how Google Cloud’s Stream and Batch Data Processing works could help identify how Google Cloud Services addresses challenges in real-world business contexts.

To begin, let’s explore its uses. Moving further, we shall explore the challenges too.  

Uses of Stream Data Processing and Batch Data Processing

  • Real-time Decisions: Stream data processing empowers organizations to make instant decisions based on real-time data analysis. This capability is critical in industries such as finance, e-commerce, and IoT, where rapid responses to fluctuating market conditions are pivotal.
  • Historical Data Analysis: Batch data processing is indispensable for examining historical data in-depth and generating reports. It enables organizations to sift through vast amounts of past data to uncover trends, patterns, and deep insights that strengthen future strategies.
  • Data Integration: Businesses employ both stream and batch processing to attain a comprehensive perspective with data coming in from multiple sources. Streaming data captures immediate events, while batch data provides a consolidated view for long-term analysis.

Challenges in Stream and Batch Data Processing

While the advantages of streaming data and batch data processing are clear, they come with their own set of challenges.

Category Data Volume Latency Fault Tolerance
Streaming Data Processing Handling high volumes of data in real-time can strain infrastructure and lead to bottlenecks. Ensuring low-latency data processing, with minimal lags, is crucial, especially in use cases like fraud detection or monitoring critical systems. Streaming data processing systems must be fault-tolerant to ensure data reliability and consistency.
Category Scalability Data Cleansing Scheduling
Batch Data Processing Processing vast amounts of data in batch mode requires efficient scaling mechanisms to prevent performance degradation. Data quality is a challenge in batch processing, as errors can accumulate over time. Coordinating batch processing jobs and ensuring they run at the right time can be complex.

Overcoming Data Processing Hurdles with Google Cloud Services

Google Cloud Platform offers a comprehensive suite of services that help address the challenges in both streaming data and batch data processing.

Google Cloud for Streaming Data Processing

  1. Cloud Dataflow: Google’s fully managed stream and batch data processing service simplifies the deployment of data pipelines. It provides autoscaling, low-latency processing, and easy integration with other Google Cloud Services.
  2. Pub/Sub: Google Cloud Pub/Sub enables reliable, scalable event streaming with low-latency delivery. It is perfect for ingesting real-time data into your processing pipeline.
  3. Bigtable and BigQuery: For real-time analytics, Google Cloud’s Bigtable and BigQuery provide high-performance storage and querying capabilities, allowing you to make decisions based on fresh data.

Google Cloud for Batch Data Processing

  1. Dataprep: Google Cloud’s Dataprep offers data cleansing and preparation services, making it easier to ensure data quality in batch processing.
  2. Cloud Composer: This fully managed workflow orchestration service helps you schedule, automate, and monitor batch processing jobs with ease.
  3. Dataflow: While primarily a stream processing service, Dataflow also supports batch processing, making it a versatile choice for organizations that need to perform both types of data processing.
  4. BigQuery: As Google’s serverless data warehouse the solution allows you to analyze large volumes of historical data efficiently.

Business Use Case for Stream and Batch Data Processing with Google Cloud

To gain deeper insights into practical applications of Google Cloud services and how they can enhance your data ecosystem with stream and batch data processing, let’s delve into a use case.

Problem Statement

Our client, a distributor of replacement parts and accessories, faced several data management challenges, including diverse data types, high data variety, substantial data volumes, and data quality issues.

Comprehensive Solution

To address the issue our Hexaware team proposed a Metadata-driven Cloud Native Data Ingestion Framework that could handle both real-time streaming data and batch data, while incorporating configurable data quality checks, ensuring data integrity and quality.

Challenges Addressed

The Hexaware data management solution on the Google Cloud Platform addresses the following data challenges for distributors of replacement parts and accessories:

  • Data complexity: The solution can handle diverse data types, including B2B and B2C sales data, as well as store-level adjustments.
  • High data variety: The solution can process both real-time and batch data, as well as structured and unstructured data.
  • Substantial data volumes: The solution can scale to handle large volumes of data without compromising performance.
  • Data quality: The solution includes built-in data quality checks and processes to ensure the integrity and accuracy of data.

Solution Components

  • Metadata-driven Cloud Native Data Ingestion Framework: This framework handles data ingestion in both stream and batch mode, incorporating configurable data quality checks.
  • Streaming Data Processing: Real-time data streamed from individual stores is processed using Kafka Topics, Cloud Pub/Sub, and Dataflow.
  • Batch Data Processing: Transactional, historical, and daily snapshot data is processed using Talend Jobs, Cloud Data Prep, and BigQuery.
  • Unified Data Warehouse and Lake: Cleansed and curated data is stored in BigQuery Clean, while archived data is stored in Google Cloud Services (GCS).
  • Efficient Metadata Management: Cloud SQL is used as a repository for table-level metadata, which is configurable through an intuitive user interface.
  • Orchestration and Monitoring: Google Cloud Composer and Control-M are used to orchestrate and monitor data flow pipelines, while Google Stackdriver captures and analyzes pipeline logs.

Google Cloud Solution Components

Business Benefits

The transformation offered several benefits to the client:

  • Cost-Effectiveness: Total Cost of Ownership was reduced by 45%, making the operations financially efficient.
  • Faster Data Processing: The data load/processing became 60% faster, allowing timely availability of information for business reporting.
  • Real-time Inventory Management: An efficient data pipeline enhanced real-time inventory management.
  • Efficient Rollouts: 50%-80% of automation in data migration and building of data pipeline resulted in faster rollouts.

This use case exemplifies the power of Google Cloud Services for streaming data and batch data processing. In this case, Google Cloud Platform offers a comprehensive suite of services that helps organizations overcome the challenges of data processing and leverage real-time insights driving business value.

Hexaware and Google Cloud: Streamlined Data Processing, Scalability, & Low Latency

In this era of dynamic data challenges, the combination of Hexaware’s innovative metadata-driven cloud native data ingestion framework and Google Cloud Services has proven to be a game-changer for businesses grappling with the complexities of having to manage versatile data processing models.

The need for real-time decision-making and historical analysis has never been greater, and Google Cloud’s suite of services provides a robust solution. While challenges in both streaming and batch processing are prevalent, Google Cloud Services ensures scalability, low latency, fault tolerance, and data quality.

As organizations continue to navigate dynamic data-driven landscapes, Hexaware and Google Cloud-powered partnerships are transforming data engineering, offering a glimpse into the limitless possibilities of modern data processing.

To embark on your data transformation journey and experience the full potential of our solutions, take the first step now. Contact our experts and explore how the Google Cloud Platform can reshape your data strategy, driving efficiency, innovation, and growth. To learn more reach us at

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