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Over the last decade, increasing market demands has compelled companies to adopt emerging technologies and evolve market strategies that helped them stay ahead of competition. Any company’s distinctive go-to-market strategy, is in its passion for taking customer satisfaction one notch higher, the company’s foresight in exploring and identifying future ready tools and technologies and its willingness to invest time and resources in developing skills, to this strategy. Hexaware has always fostered a work culture that encourages and celebrates innovation with a laser focus on enhancing customer experience. We have over the years, institutionalized the culture of nurturing and developing creative…
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October 11th, 2018
Over the past few years, the outsourcing industry dynamics have changed quite a bit and Hexaware BPS has adopted well to these changes. Hexaware has made significant contribution in disrupting the industry norm and has successfully stepped into the area of Robotics to meet the customers’ needs. Transition team has played a key role in Hexaware’s BPS journey over the last few years supporting projects right from the proposal stage up to execution. The team has been able to deliver Business Transition projects seamlessly, and consistently. Some of the key factors to Hexaware Transition team’s success are: Robust Transition framework…
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October 3rd, 2018
Digital transformation is the present Industrial Revolution. The rise of informed customers and innovative technologies have made the manufacturing industry an example of how effective modern operational strategies can reshape the overall operations of an organization. The amalgamation of production techniques with the latest technological developments have the potential to make manufacturing autonomous, cheaper and more efficient. Robotics, the Internet of Things (IoT), data analytics and 3D printing are just few of the digital solutions disrupting the space. This makes many organizations turn to IT consultancy for guidance. The below given infographic gives an idea of what digitization looks like…
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September 27th, 2018
Effective Scope Management is a key aspect in any Business Transition. This ensures that the project is delivered within the allocated time and budget. This is also a tricky activity, considering the dynamic nature of projects. Hexaware’s well-defined and robust transition framework ensures that the scope is effectively captured and documented and is managed effectively throughout the course of transition. Insights on effective scope management are presented below. However, to begin with, it is important to understand ‘what is scope’ and what is meant by ‘scope management’. What is Project Scope and its Management…? Scope refers to the detailed set…
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September 25th, 2018
The latest buzz words that we hear in the enterprise world are automation, real-time data, insightful reports etc. In this modern digital world, organizations must actively look for IT solutions that provide the above aspects and ensure they thrive in complex and dynamic environments. To satisfy their external and internal customers (employees), they need business agility and rapid decision making. Unfortunately, we see a lot of organizations still relying on manual methods for their internal processes, especially HR. They use excel sheets and ad hoc methods for implementing various HR functions which lead to higher costs and operational inefficiencies. The…
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September 20th, 2018
Over the last few decades, automating Human Resource (HR) processes have been a trend in this digitized world. Organizations are now looking for solutions in attracting and engaging talent global workforce and creating the best employee experience. This brings in attention for companies to have robust HR systems which can seamlessly deliver global HR capabilities in a standalone platform. Oracle HCM suite is one such latest application which aims to provide different HR modules that are highly configurable to suit one’s business needs. At present, several organizations are having challenges in streamlining their HR processes and if you are a…
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September 18th, 2018
Unless you’ve missed catching up on any business news for the last five years or so, you’ve probably heard of automation. There are multiple innovative assorted variants of automation as well, such as robotic process automation, service delivery automation, machine learning, cognitive automation etc. Insurers have acted and acted decisively. The results though, have been a mixed bag. Some of the automation variants claim great success, others a moderate success and the rest claim extreme dissatisfaction. Post conducting a study with HfS on the state of automation for insurers, we found only 42% were satisfied with the cost savings and…
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September 7th, 2018
BPS outsourcing industry has always been heavily dependent on IT, to enable its services and make it more efficient. Automation of voice and back office processes have been around for a long time, be it IVR, web services for voice or OCR, add on applications for back office, macros creation to automate steps of a process (this is the closest we had to the current RPA platform structures), etc. With the introduction of RPA platforms, a new focus area has been introduced to the field of non-invasive automations, which results in lower implementation cost and faster lead time. RPA delivers…
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August 29th, 2018
Today, Digital Innovation is changing the business scenario at a very rapid speed and at its core, this is nothing but the application of new technologies to the existing business practices. Here’s an exclusive interview of Chinmoy Banerjee, EVP – Hexaware BPS with AIIA that gives us profound insights on race to digital innovation. Digital innovation is a very popular phrase at the moment—can you explain what it means? Sure, that’s a great opener to this conversation because until we know what Digital Innovation means and its contextuality, we may not experience or apply it. Digital Innovation (DI) according to…
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August 28th, 2018
Faced with the challenges of bringing together diverse and complex technologies in the new-age milieu governed by the digital world, enterprises often fumble when it comes to delivering consistent and superior customer experience. In today’s digital world, customers can control their interactions with business, and expect ready access to personalized and contextual information, at anytime, anywhere and in their preferred format. One defining aspect in this dynamic and disruptive business environment, is to deliver amazing customer experience. In this blog, lets explore the three cornerstones of value disciplines and Hexaware’s take on it. There are dozens of IT services companies…
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August 18th, 2018
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