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In its earlier days, automation was done in silos in applications, infrastructure, testing and different business units. Today, automation essentially involves breaking these silos and providing end-to-end enterprise-level automation. It is no longer only about lowered costs, increased efficiency and minimal human intervention, but more about how it dramatically improves end-user experience by building synergy across different functions, creating a powerful impact. Technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) will enable automation across enterprises, including high-complexity tasks that require human decision making.

Use Cases

Service Offerings

Hexaware’s Intelligent Process Automation Services (HIPAS™) serves as a strategic offering to boost efficiency and bottom line for our clients, by putting Automation-as-a-Service to its best use. To deliver digital business process transformation, HIPAS™ leverages a whole range of new-age technologies from Robotic Process Automation to Artificial Intelligence technologies such as Cognitive OCR, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Speech Recognition and Image Analytics.

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Intelligent Automation for Smarter Operations - HIPAS™

In the testing space, evolution of software development lifecycle and tools is being affected by acceleration of service delivery and further propelled by adoption of Devops. Hexaware, through its “Automation First Approach”, has been able to adapt to these changing delivery models by completely moving to ‘Shift Left Testing’, aided primarily by automation and by implementing a culture of continuous integration and testing practice.

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Digital Assurance – An Automation First Approach - DevOps

Hexaware’s Integrated Design to Execution Automation (iD2E) brings seamless automation across test design, execution and reporting. The solution helps increase the overall productivity across test case design, execution and reporting by 4X resulting in faster time to market and reduced cost.

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Digital Assurance – An Automation First Approach - Test Automation

Continuous Assurance Platform from Hexaware is a plug-n-play framework, which helps testers seamlessly augment the continuous delivery pipeline. With CAP, businesses can eliminate the risk of application failure and deliver quality output without compromising on quality.

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Digital Assurance – An Automation First Approach - Continous Assurance Platform - CAP

Hexaware’s Big Data Testing Solution, Jumbo, has been designed to address various big data challenges. It can process huge amounts of data in no time, automate testing efforts for data comparison, test across heterogeneous data, etc.

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Digital Assurance – An Automation First Approach - Big Data Testing - Jumbo

The Automation of Corporate Action (CA) processes ensures re-examination of the current lifecycle in its entirety. Hexaware applies value stream mapping to identify potential areas for digitalization within traditional Corporate Actions.

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Digitalization in Capital Markets - Corporate Action

Hexaware Chatbot is a third-generation virtual assistance platform which not only facilitates intelligent dialogues between users and the BOT, but also integrates disparate IT systems to troubleshoot advanced and complex queries. Equipped with built-in Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing, Hexaware Chatbot is designed to manage end-to-end digital operations and enhance user experience.

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Intelligent Voice Assistance - Insurance Benefits Enrollment

Raise IT provides incredible benefits to customer’s right from the launch of their applications, helps ensure that the applications run as per business demand and provides the appropriate levels of performance and availability. Hexaware also offers Workplace Lifecycle Management (WLM), a comprehensive solution with a unified platform for end-to-end asset lifecycle management that enables seamless integration of request fulfillment, procurement and asset inventory module.

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Digital Resolver & Employee Experience Redefined - RaiseIT & Digital Workplace

Our Business Process Management (BPM) services enable end-to-end automation of processes through process modelling, simulation, optimization, and automation. This approach ensures that we address process inefficiencies and gaps to realize maximum benefit from automation in the long run.

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Digital Process Automation - Business Process Management

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