Hexaware’s people, processes, services and organizational structure are all geared towards ensuring every delivery to the client meets and exceeds the stringent quality standards we have set for ourselves. This policy has created our unique work culture that always stretches innovative thinking to its fullest, never compromising or giving up until we have given our very best..

Quality policy

Quality Policy

To be competitive and proactive in providing software solutions to customers by continuously striving to exceed their expectations.

Information Security Policy

Information Security Policy

Hexaware is committed to Information Security to ensure the Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of Organizational and Customer Assets.

Service Management Policy

Service Management Policy

To deliver managed services for IT infrastructure and applications through remote and onsite management of network, servers and applications in accordance with the Service catalog.


ISO 9001:2015
ISO 20000:12011
ISO 27001:2013
ISO 9001:2015
ISO 22301 : 2012
Exp: 2022-11 Appraisal # 5403

Quality Assurance

Our Quality Improvement Program is based on business needs, technology changes, customer feedback, suggestions from practitioners and process performance. We have undertaken various initiatives such as implementing an organization-wide defect prevention program, metrics program, process automation and introduction of new tools. Hexaware has also institutionalized processes that enable transition to new technologies and encourage continuous process improvement.

Quality Assurance.
Process Consulting.

Process Consulting

Hexaware provides process consulting services to clients for process definition, process implementation, audit and process training. We help organizations plan, align and manage their IT systems and infrastructure for operational excellence using robust processes and best of breed quality management process models.

Information Security

Information security management for IT and IT-related services is an important area of concern for organizations. Hexaware has established stringent information security measures to ensure confidentiality of information, business continuity and to avoid business damage by preventing and minimizing the impact of security incidents. We are certified for the globally recognized ISO 27001: 2013 information security standard. The latest standard for business resilience to ensure business and service continuity is ISO22301 which is called ‘Societal Security’. The contributing factors of high availability, reliable exercising and effective adoption of business continuity are the focus of this standard through interested parties and resilience measures. Management commitment to all factors impacting the business continuity are addressed through service continuity strategies for possible scenarios foreseen.

Information Security.


Hexaware has enhanced its delivery capabilities by introducing and improving upon industry best practices. We ensure high levels of customer satisfaction by combining our domain and technical expertise with our delivery capabilities. Hexaware provides value additions for improving the performance of outsourced systems, reducing problems and failures and improving stability. We implement processes rigorously and our people are trained to be methodical and process driven. With our focus on quality, we lower costs and improve efficiency within the organization.

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