Revitalize Your IT Infrastructure with Next Gen Raise-IT Platform

Rapid digitization and evolving technologies are changing the way we do business. Staying ahead in these demanding environments requires the support of powerful IT infrastructure that scales dynamically to meet the changing requirements. However, efficient management and monitoring of complex, evolving, siloed, and distributed applications is a major challenge faced by organizations across various industries. Businesses need a modern and agile IT application & infrastructure that delivers superior insights and business results. Raise IT (Run Automated Informed Secure Enterprise IT) platform delivers an end-to-end IT Management and Automation Platform.

Raise IT provides incredible benefits to customer’s right from the launch of their applications, helps ensure that the applications run as per business demand and provides the appropriate levels of performance and availability. It is the most powerful tool for CTOs and CIOs alike. Raise IT is comprised of the following modules.

Orchestrate IT – Is the interfacing module for business and application owners. This layer provides an end-to-end IT workflow management from a Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery perspective.

Build IT – Helps provision applications and underlying infrastructure whether the environment is On Premise or Cloud or is a Hybrid setup.

Manage IT – Helps provide Business an end to end visibility to their applications and its dependent infrastructure. This highly automated module is responsible for the complete operations of the lifecycle management.

Report IT – This module provides the Single pane of truth for capacity, availability, performance and security – based on multi-dimensional arrays of data across the various applications and its underlying infrastructure.

These modules are designed to deliver services independently or in conjunction with the existing tools of the customer.