Digital Operations For Insurance Industry


Extreme automation, resulting in an additional 20-30% straight-through-processing, can be achieved by avoiding manual touch points in front and back-office business processes. These tasks can be automated with a custom built intelligent digital workforce for Guidewire suite of applications, constituting of Conversation BOTs (Chat, Voice) at the front-office and Data BOTs, Process BOTs at the back-office, with continuous learning and improvement through Cognitive BOTs. Multiple such opportunities exist across business processes.

Hexaware Value Proposition –

  • Guaranteed optimization of operations TCO by 30-50 % from Day 1 with risk of implementation and performance of BOTs on Hexaware
  • 20-30% additional straight-through-processing to improve customer and channel partner experience
  • Custom developed, pre-built accelerators for Guidewire suite of products, and much more...

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