Emerging Technologies – The New Guardians of Trust for Professional Services


Arun “Rak” Ramchandran
Executive Vice President and Global Head, Hi-Tech & Professional Services

Arun Narayanan
Practice Head, Hi-Tech & Professional Services

Watch the on-demand webinar from the #ReimagineTrust series where we continue to build on our earlier themes – from an introduction to the Trust Cycle (Part 1) to how Trust affects Inputs, Analyses, Decisions & Actions (Part 2), we now move to the concluding chapter of our Trust Series of webinars. With Part 3 we present our vision on how technology is rapidly (further spurred on by the Covid-19 pandemic) taking its place as the de-facto Trust guardian – especially in the areas of Tax, Audit and Accounting.

The pace of technology adoption in these industries is witnessing a notable acceleration in areas such as remote auditing using robotics, AI/ML, drones and the like. We are witnessing a significant momentum towards automation as a guiding principle to navigate and address processes that have traditionally required manual intervention and physical presence.

In this webinar, our industry experts share insights on:

  • Increasing implicit & explicit Trust placed in emerging and next-gen technologies
  • How technology platforms are reciprocating our Trust by ensuring higher levels of reliability, efficiency & security
  • And how technology is poised to take its rightful place as a true guardian of Trust