Silver Lining in the Cloud – On Premise to AWS Cloud Migration

Silver Lining in the Cloud – On Premise to AWS Cloud Migration

We take pride on being able to transform businesses by working staunchly on our central theme ‘Automate Everything®, Cloudify Everything®, Transform Customer Experiences®.

For a client facing technological, performance and efficiency concerns due to legacy platforms and inefficient processes, Hexaware brought an innovative transformation that enhanced all three aspects of the client’s business – Loan Acquisition, Servicing and Securitization.

The client, a Fortune 500 government enterprise, deals in purchase and guaranteed mortgages in the secondary market. They faced capacity constraints as their operations were hampered and could not deliver up to the mark owing to outdated technology, inadequate systems, flawed processes and overall production issues.

Hexaware took stock of the situation for them and helped them accelerate back on track:

  • We supported our client with the most advanced enterprise data transformation and a cloud transformation journey that charted the migration path for 600+ applications to AWS.
  • We helped the client in moving their enterprise data to cloud for big data implementation, reduced the deployment time and created run environments faster using Amazon’s service catalogue.


To know how Hexaware helped deliver efficiency, optimal productivity, cutting-edge technology and superior customer satisfaction to our client, get your copy of this case study.

Learn how enterprise data transformation and a cloud transformation with big data can boost efficiency and enhance customer experiences

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