Harnessing the Power of Guidewire for Digital Engagement

Harnessing the Power of Guidewire for Digital Engagement

This story sheds light on Hexaware’s IT capabilities for transforming customer experiences.

A leading UK-based car and home insurance company leveraged the Guidewire ecosystem for seamless operations. They partnered with Hexaware to upgrade their Guidewire CustomerEngage portal to transform customer experiences with hyper-personalized journeys while optimizing costs. The client wanted to enable self-service and improve the experience for customers. Our team of Guidewire experts performed the complete Guidewire digital portal upgrade (front-end portals) that led to cost-efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Hexaware replatformed the Guidewire CustomerEngage portal from Version 8 to Guidewire Digital 11 portal – Aspen Release. We built the portal by utilizing the Guidewire Jutro framework, which helps to reduce the new feature development effort to a greater extent.  The solution led to benefits as follows:

  • 15% drop in call center volumes due to customer self-service
  • Improvement in customer experience with the revamped Customer Portal for Motor and Home Insurance
  • 20% reduction in the overall effort with the use of accelerators
  • More than $100K savings delivered as part of value adds, automation

Read the full case study to learn about Hexaware’s cost-and-time-effective customer experience transformation capabilities.

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