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Guidewire EnterpriseEngage Upgrade

Guidewire EnterpriseEngage Upgrade

Digital technologies are fundamentally changing how businesses across all industries operate and serve their customers—and insurance is no exception. With the new Guidewire Digital 11 portal, P&C insurance companies can serve their customers seamlessly via digital channels and be at the cutting edge of digital technologies.

P&C Insurers should upgrade to Guidewire Digital 11 portal because:

  • The new platform is fast – developed using React and Virtual DOM helps in improving its speed
  • Existing platform was built using AngularJS 1.x – Soon Google will stop supporting this platform
  • New platform is Cloud-ready – Deploying and containerizing new platform in AWS is easier
  • Digital 11 is true customer centric application – Helps customers, producers in collaborating with Insurance companies and customizing the products as per their needs. Meta-data driven framework helps launch new / customized LOBs swiftly
  • New platform comes with in-built component libraries to build and deploy custom pages faster

To get more such insights, download our EnterpriseEngage upgrade for Guidewire flyer.

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