Fur Fashion: Metaverse Demo With Responsibility

July 28, 2022


Hexaware Technologies, a next-generation digital services provider, is one of the partners in the Unfur Project, a campaign that raises awareness around the atrocities of the fur trade and attempts to create a sustainable alternative for fur and faux fur. The significant collaborators of Hexaware for this project are the International Anti-Fur Coalition (IAFC) and the University of Westminster.

The project creates digital fur fashion as NFTs that can be collected/purchased and the earnings will be directed to combat the fur trade. The campaign was announced at MET AMS, Europe’s leading Metaverse festival and features a digital fur fashion collection that includes five pieces digitized as NFTs by Hexaware. The students from the University of Westminster’s Fashion Institute created the head-turning designs for the collection. Paul van Raak, Creative Director- Mobiquity, part of Hexaware said “The UNFUR project intentionally brings tension between buying a digital fur fashion piece (because it is considered beautiful) while you are aware that this should not be bought in the physical world. We use this duality as a trigger to drive the audience to bid on one of the UNFUR NFTs and by doing so support the fight against the fur industry.”

This project unveils the opportunities that Metaverse can present for the fashion industry while eliminating limitations of the physical world. Hexaware is delighted to be a part of this initiative that enables leveraging its Metaverse competencies, taking a solid step towards exploring endless possibilities for fashion as NFTs and embracing an ethical and responsible way of protecting animals slaughtered for their precious fur. The campaign also strengthens the position of digital platforms as viable and sustainable options to bring in the next big revolution in the fashion industry.

The project has been recognized through various awards that are a testament to the impact it has created in the NFT domain. Some of the prestigious accolades received are – The FWA: Site of the Day, CSS Design Awards: Site of the Day, UI Design Award, UX Design Award, Innovation Award, Awwwards: Site of the Day, Developer Award.

Immanuel Kingsley , Metaverse Technology Officer  at Hexaware Technologies, said “We are fortunate to have the chance of capitalizing on our curiosity of Metaverse to unfold a new dimension for the fashion industry while contributing to a cause that saves millions of animals from atrocities. Like innovation, exploring new possibilities in the Metaverse drives our efforts and this campaign provides the right boost for our future endeavors.”

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