A US-Based Consumer Fitness Club’s Game-Changing Agile DevOps Makeover  A US-Based Consumer Fitness Club’s Game-Changing Agile DevOps Makeover 

A US-Based Consumer Fitness Club’s Game-Changing Agile DevOps Makeover 

Unveiling agile transformation and improved processes.


The client is a prominent US-based health and lifestyle brand with 1.5 million members spread across 135 centers in 26 states and 35 markets. Known for its premium fitness centers, comprehensive wellness services, and diverse amenities, it caters to a vast and dedicated membership base, offering a holistic approach to health and fitness.  


In the competitive world of fitness and health services, staying ahead requires more than just physical prowess. It demands agility, adaptability, and a commitment to continuous improvement. Our client, a US health & lifestyle leader, realized this early on. They recognized that their success relied on more than just workout routines and gym facilities; it hinged on innovation and efficiency. They needed transparency and continuous improvement in their operations to deliver higher-quality services to their members. However, meeting these objectives proved to be a formidable challenge as they faced a series of hurdles that tested their determination:  

  • Poor Vendor Performance: The underperforming vendors triggered a surge in customer dissatisfaction. Service quality was on a downward spiral, affecting the fitness brand’s hard-earned reputation.  
  • Lack of Objective Metrics: The company had no objective metrics to assess their team’s performance. Subjective evaluations left room for improvement and left management without clear insights. 
  • Lack of Long-term Considerations: Business units made technology decisions in silos, lacking a unified vision for the future. 

Recognizing the urgency for a transformative workout plan for an agile makeover, the client set the following goals: 

  • Proactive Issue Resolution: Identifying and addressing pain areas proactively to prevent customer dissatisfaction and setbacks.  
  • Aligned Business Priorities: Ensuring alignment of business units to eliminate duplicate efforts and create a seamless, unified member experience. 
  • ROI Tracking: Establishing ROI estimates and tracking value delivery, enabling data-driven decision-making. 
  • Agile Transformation: Implementing agile transformation services across business units and IT to reduce wasted effort and foster an innovative spirit.  


The client teamed up with Hexaware to overhaul their processes.  

Hexaware proposed a solution to set the stage for a transformative journey that would lead to unprecedented efficiency, quality, and success:  

  • Holistic Transformation: Hexaware introduced their scaled agile framework that laid the foundation for a successful business transformation. 
  • Agile DevOps Integration: Hexaware seamlessly integrated Agile DevOps practices, infusing agility into every aspect of the organization.  
  • Outcome-based Commitment: Hexaware committed to a bold vision — a 20% improvement in total productivity and a 10% reduction in production defects, all to be realized within a mere 12 months. 
  • Agile Steering Committee: Hexaware formed a dedicated agile steering committee to steer the ship towards standardized processes and tools.  
  • Co-sourced Distributed Development: Hexaware co-sourced distributed development across nine workstreams, touching every critical aspect of their operations, from BI and CRM to Mobile, Ecommerce, and ERP. 
  • Continuous Governance: Hexaware leveraged its enterprise dashboard tool, rapidX™,  
    to provide the client with a unified view of business metrics, enabling seamless and continuous governance. 

The results were nothing short of remarkable:  

  • Improved Development Process: Achieved 100% transparency in software development and support metrics through rapidX™. The client could now track progress and measure success with confidence.  
  • Cost Reduction: Achieved a remarkable 35% cost reduction while maintaining the same level of output. A leaner operation without sacrificing quality.  
  • Improved Output and Quality: Saw a 25% increase in total development output and a staggering 50% overall improvement in quality in just 12 months, ensuring that their members received top-notch services. 

The digital core transformation of this US-based fitness club provider showcases the power of Agile DevOps to revitalize an organization, ensuring its agility, efficiency, and, ultimately, its competitiveness. The client went from grappling with challenges to achieving record-breaking results, solidifying their position as a fitness industry leader. This case study serves as an inspiring story of resilience, adaptation, and success, showing how even the most established organizations can benefit from an Agile DevOps transformation. 

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