Re-imagining Enterprise IT with Gen AI  Re-imagining Enterprise IT with Gen AI 

Re-imagining Enterprise IT with Gen AI 

Transforming IT System Agility for Health Information Technology & Clinical Research


Our client is a multinational company operating in the health information technology and clinical research industry with a revenue exceeding $10+ billion. With a widespread presence and a workforce of over 86000+ employees, they are a global leader in providing advanced analytics, technology solutions, and clinical research services to the life sciences sector.


Business Challenges

Our client’s business was rapidly growing, and industry-wide cost pressures were mounting. They faced critical operational challenges. On recognizing the pain point, a relentless pursuit of innovation unearthed gaps and complexities in their Enterprise IT, which AI could solve.
They saw an escalation in IT support requests across different regions, each with unique intricacies. Lengthy development cycles and resource-intensive manual testing practices were bottlenecks dragging down multiple practice teams.

The organization grappled with the imperative to respond to business growth while maintaining its standards.
These challenges sparked an interest in a strategic journey – A clear vision to leverage Intelligent Automation and Generative AI to transform its Enterprise IT, reduce costs, and improve productivity.

Challenges for Gen AI Adoption

While generative AI holds immense promise for businesses, the wide-spanning operations of multinational corporations bring additional challenges. Acquiring, maintaining, and curating vast amounts of quality data is often resource-intensive.

Additionally, the need for specialized expertise in AI and ML can be a roadblock for organizations to scale Generative AI solutions across multiple business units.

Some of the other challenges included:

  • Gathering large amounts of quality data for training custom AI models
  • Protecting data and complying with data privacy regulations
  • Mitigation of bias and hallucinations in AI models
  • Addressing ethical concerns surrounding AI-generated content

The IT landscape spanned 20+ applications, with over 200 FTEs supporting 35000+ employees


The Hexaware Solution 

Our client needed an accurate assessment of its current IT processes. They partnered with Hexaware to embark on a programmatic approach to embedding generative AI in its systems and processes.

Evaluating IT Ecosystem for Gen AI Integration

Hexaware’s Decode AI/Encode AI framework helped rapidly identify and validate generative AI use cases through feasibility assessments and deliver scalable solutions that work seamlessly with the client’s current enterprise architecture.

The adoption was further accelerated by leveraging Tensai®, Hexaware’s GenAI-powered platform, to help alleviate data privacy concerns and enable autonomous testing.

Hexaware’s consulting team built a pipeline of 12 validated use cases in 6 weeks. 

Gen AI-powered Self-service IT Support

Hexaware delivered a transformative self-service support solution leveraging GenAI to harness the client’s existing knowledge base. The solution provides swift and precise responses to employee queries and ensures lightning-fast resolution in natural language. Additionally, there has been a 15% reduction in ticket volume which has freed agents to work on higher-complexity scenarios. 

Hexaware’s self-service support solution resulted in a 15% reduction in support ticket volume, freeing up agent bandwidth for higher complexity support. 

Gen AI-Driven Testing QA Assistant

Hexaware’s GenAI-driven QA assistant transformed the client’s current testing processes by automating testing activities, including synthetic data generation and user story creation. The assistant has reduced manual testing efforts and achieved unparalleled test coverage of up to 100% for certain applications.


  • Reduction in support tickets
    The self-service support tool helped reduce ticket volume by 15%.
  • Consistency and support quality
    Improved consistency in resolutions and overall support quality.
  • 24/7 availability
    Offers 24/7 assistance, ensuring support is always accessible.
  • Speed to Market
    60% faster launch of new features for enterprise applications.
  • Developer productivity and code quality
    Significant improvement in developer productivity and adherence to best practices.
  • Test scenario coverage
    100% coverage for test scenarios with a 90% reduction in effort.
  • Test design and data creation
    30-50X productivity gains for manual test designs and 5X productivity gains in test data preparation.

Enabled a 15% reduction in support tickets, a 60% faster launch of new application features, and an over 90% reduction in manual testing efforts.


Hexaware’s programmatic top-down approach facilitated rapid use case discovery, expediting value realization for Enterprise IT. We established a robust foundation for growth, empowering our client to make bold choices in a dynamic industry while managing costs effectively.

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