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About Hexaware

Hexaware is the fastest growing next-generation providers of IT, BPO and consulting services. Hexaware has been powering man-machine collaboration, solving complex business problems, using a combination of human creativity & intellect, leveraging the power of ubiquitous data, powerful algorithms and computing. We are on a journey of metamorphosing the experiences of our customer’s customers by leveraging our cutting-edge strategy— ‘Automating Everything, Cloudifying Everything and Transforming Customer Experiences’.

Hexaware’s digitally empowered workforce, comprising 15,357+ employees, lives the company’s philosophy of ‘customer success, first and always’ by imbibing its core values to drive the success of its business strategy. Drawn from around 20 countries and 80 leading global academic institutions, this diversified workforce is constantly working on an innovation-led approach to realise the company’s vision “to continuously amplify human potential through the use of digital technologies”.

It’s our aspiring workforce, that plunges us forward each day, with infectious enthusiasm. The world’s brightest minds join us. This diversity has helped us to collaborate, dream and deliver solutions on a truly global scale and meet the needs of our customers across the world.

Work would be just another fun thing to do with our uber cool working culture, and other fun activities and amenities like libraries, gymnasiums, shopping centers, swimming pools, badminton courts and food courts.

So do you observe patterns in client challenges? Does working through mazes and drawing insights excite you? Can you persuade, interact and lead with empathy? Are you ready to transform the IT experience? Hexaware’s 15,357+ empowered leaders have it in them.

Now it’s your turn disrupt yourself, get out over your skis, spot your niche, be a part of something amazing and build your future career with us.


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