What are the modules that are supported by the packages?
All Workday HCM functions are supported under the packages.
What is covered under support tickets?
Production Support services
  • Break Fixes for
    • Reports
    • Interfaces
    • Batch Jobs
    • Business processes
    • Security
  • Peak processing support (for year-end/ performance cycle etc.)
Functional Support
  • Business Analysis
  • Configuration changes
  • Documentation
  • Business Process Assessment
  • Workday SR Management
  • Testing services
What happens to the unutilized tickets ?
You can carry forward the Unutilized tickets to the next month within the package duration.
What is covered under support Hours?
  • Analytics
  • Reports (Including Compliance Reports)
  • Integrations
  • Business process
  • Security changes
  • Data loads
Version Updates
  • New Features Cascade
  • Impact Analysis & remedial action plan
  • Testing – New Features and regression
  • Rollout
What is the support coverage that we offer?
We offer 9*5 business hours support (your time zone) as part of basic, standard and advantage packages. You have the flexibility to choose 9*5 or 16*5 or 24*5 options under Build my package
Who will coordinate with third party vendors?
The coordination with third party vendors is not covered under the packages. It will be the responsibility of the customers
How are these services delivered?
Services are delivered through Hexaware’s Workday Shared Service Model
What happens if I elapse my alloted support tickets for the allotted month during the package duration?
We call this as "Uninterrupted Services" , you have an option to take credit from next month within the package duration. In case you have exceeded your tickets volume, additional tickets will be charged at premium rates. Or you can always upgrade your package.
What happens if I elapse the extra support hours for the allotted month within the package duration ?
We call this as "Uninterrupted Services" , you have an option to take credit from the next month within the duration of package.
Are the support services bound by SLAs?
Yes, the support services are bound by SLAs.
What do we cover as part of Workday Knowledge Transition?
  • Business Process Configurations
  • Integrations
  • Scheduled Process along with Frequency
  • Reports
  • Security Set-up
  • Ticket backlog, known issues and resolutions history
  • Documents like, Business Requirement, Fit-Gap, Design document, Assumptions, Functional/Technical Specification , Test plan, Test cases, Test Results, Issue logs along with issue resolution
  • Ticketing change request process
How would I raise incidents and service requests after the initial signup?
  • Customer would be provided 2 user logins for the ticketing system to raise incident and service requests
  • Incidents and service requests can be raised through email as well
The three defined packages do not suit my requirement. What should I do?
You can create your package tailor made for your requirements. The "Build my package" section will help you in creating your own package
I have a query on the support services? How can I get it clarified?
You can always contact us or chat with our service representatives for all your clarifications.
Is PEPM pricing available for other packages apart from "Build My Package"?
No, it is not available as of now in other packages
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