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Software Asset Management (SAM) is a complex yet essential process in your organization. Enterprises globally strive to manage their software assets and establish the single source of truth, to control and protect software assets effectively. The goals of SAM are to reduce costs and limit risks related to the ownership and use of software, while maximizing IT responsiveness and productivity.

“There is an increased competition in product preferences and changing terms and conditions in licenses, and even top tier firms are feeling the pressure to manage their assets effectively.”

Why Hexaware is the First Choice in SAM

Over the years, Hexaware has built a large pool of talented and enthusiastic consultants and licensing experts. Our expertise ranges from basic SAM activities like, inventory management, procurement data normalization, entitlement management, reconciliation and optimization, to matured SAM activities like, license advisory services and SAM-enabled automation. Our diverse expertise across different SAM tools, license metrics and discovery solutions bring out the value in the SAM journey for our customers, in a short span of time.

Our team works with a holistic approach, by managing the complete environment (across multiple platforms within and beyond the firewall) and diligently following best practices. We also sustain the same approach in gathering the right contract and entitlement records required to perform deep analysis, normalization and transform data, into a SAM tool.

Hexaware’s comprehensive solution range helps develop a vision to manage complex software assets. Our SAM processes are levelled on the best industry practices and aligned with ISO/IEC 19770-1:2017 and ITIL to help businesses to procure, manage and optimize software assets. We are pioneers of automation and use this driver in ITAM processes like, software procurements, harvesting and deployments.

Value Proposition

The complexity and costs required to respond to an unexpected audit presents risks around unforeseen fees to ‘true up’ the license position. Most organizations struggle with these questions about cost, complexity and efficiency of licensing audits. Let’s take a look at the below SAM Value Proposition that addresses these critical challenges:

Our Approach

Most enterprises have SAM functions that are manual, ad-hoc, and laid out in silos. Limited tracking mechanisms within the organization make the overall SAM function ineffective.
Hexaware works towards uniformly binding these functions and helping customers bring control over enterprise-wide software assets and manage those in a uniform platform. Formulating this single source of truth through associative solutions, based on SAM maturity stage, forms the core of our approach.
With the help of our tried and tested SAM maturity stages, we help the customer identify the stage they are in and guide them through the rest of their SAM journey.

SAM Maturity Stages


  • De-centralized SAM Processes/platform
  • In-effective Inventory management
  • In-appropriate administration of software asset


  • Ad-hoc Software Asset Tracking
  • Manual Processes for inventory management
  • Distributed controlled SAM Processes


  • Integrated Processes and uniform SAM Platform
  • Tool Driven reconciliation
  • On -demand Software usage


  • Analyze trends and software spent
  • Predict problems and set thresholds
  • Business planning and automation

SAM Solutions

How do we ensure an end-to-end SAM development process? Based on the above maturity stages, we bring you the aligned SAM solutions:



Define the right toolset to gather data and accomplish best possible outcome. Inventory set up and agent rollout to capture the baseline and information around contracts and licenses



Determine the company’s software compliance position using best implemented SAM technology which in turn produces the usage level of every application, SAM reporting and dashboards.



Ensuring compliance and best possible recommendations under SAM program produce ROI and Advisory services along with the baseline reviews which shall optimize the entire environment and provide assistance in future for any migration and integration.



Aligned with business goals SAM program runs smoothly with the help of all appropriate integration and connections. This assists in overall renewal and purchase cycle of software assets. Movement of any inventory asset is streamlined and with the help of automation helps sustain the SAM program to reach a dynamic stage.

Key Factors on which SAM Depends

There are some key factors on which SAM depends on. These factors are based on mitigating risk factors and the provision of accurate support with corporate and technological alignment.



Highly experienced, skilled and enthusiastic experts who serve as the best advisors for our customers.



Providing accurate insights to drive innovation and automation on behalf of customers.



Creating an inventory source to discover, decide and manage entitlements.

What does Hexaware’s SAM offering comprise of?

A well-defined SAM solution stays relevant owing to its capabilities and the outcome it delivers. Therefore, we offer a wide-ranging portfolio within SAM and license advisory. Let’s take a look at the services:

Tools Implementation

Hexaware has built a large pool of talented and enthusiastic SAM technical consultants, who excel at implementing, configuring and customizing SAM tools like, SNOW & Service Now.

Entitlement & Inventory Analysis

Hexaware has a strong team of licensed experts who excel at analyzing vendor contracts and entitlement data, along with the overall inventory of most software applications.

In-Built Automation

Hexaware has excelled at automating the SAM platform by integrating and customizing various established automation tools.

SAM Baseline Review

Our SAM consultants deliver detailed baseline reports for defined in-scope vendors for acting in tandem with recommendations.

SAM & Licensing Consulting

We support customers for queries related to licensing and inventory management with optimized solutions related to renewals and new purchase records.

Process & Tool Optimization

Hexaware’s seasoned SAM experts offer facilitated sessions, to capture business objectives, pain-points, gaps and solutions.

License Advisory Services

Hexaware licensing experts provide a set of compliance measures and improve purchase mechanism by leveraging the right level of application usage.

Optimization & Recommendation

Bringing right optimization of the environment, both from licensing and inventory management perspective.

Procurement Advisory Services

We provide advisory services and suggest the best software licenses to be purchased.

Audit Guidance & Planning

Creating a great defend and support mechanism during/before the audit and providing extended support for compliance, licensing or inventory management.

Maturity Assessment

We work towards raising the maturity levels from basic, rationalized and dynamic.

Roadmap & Landscape Advisory

Hexaware’s Functional & Technical Consultants set up the right roadmap and then plan the appropriate steps to be taken, with advisory services.

Inventory Data Management

We keep a record of the quantity and the type of software and applications installed, installation date, size, etc. as well as, expiry and license renewal dates. We also track our software update cycles.

New Vendor On-Boarding

Analysis and import of new vendor licenses and contracts using license expertise.

Renewal Management

Analysis and import of any new renewal orders, which are a part of continual procurement datasets, within an organization.

Portal Management

Management of publisher portals like Microsoft VLSC, Adobe Licensing Website (LWS), My VMWare, IBM CDSP (Control Desk Service Portal).

Compliance Management

We develop and implement policies and procedures, to ensure compliance with a service model with a SAM platform to sustain effective costs.

Vendor Optimization

We provide baseline reviews of on-boarded vendors and recommendations for effective use of right products in place.

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