AMAZE<sup>®</sup> for Virtual Desktop
  • AMAZE® for Virtual Desktop

    • Is the continuity of your business getting impacted by natural disasters or man-made contingencies?

    • Are you looking for swift and secure remote desktop services that enable seamless transition to work-from-home?

    • Are your service deliverables getting affected due to remote access uncertainties while connecting to the intranet?

    • Do you want to ramp up your Virtual Desktop Infrastructure on demand with scale, speed and security?

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Enabling a Secure Virtual Desktop Environment for your Employees

With remote working becoming the new normal and increasing cost of on-prem virtualization solutions, there is a need to ensure resilience and seamless business continuity while creating a digitally secure work environment. Hexaware’s AMAZE® for Virtual Desktop offering enables a secure and productive virtual desktop and application experience from anywhere, any device and any network. Our commitment is to help organizations of any size or type, migrate to secure, reliable and high performing virtualized Windows/Linux applications and shared desktops services.

Experience Hassle-free Migration to Virtual Desktop

Test-drive Virtual Desktop first-hand, using your personal device or computer, securely & reliably, in a fully managed virtual environment. Take a 15-day free trial, to experience basic productivity apps on Virtual Desktop  and get 24*7 support.

Users can access their apps and desktops through dedicated clients built for macOS, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android and Chromebook.


Delivering a Fast and Seamless User Experience that is:

  1. Accelerated
    1. Migration using in-built accelerators resulting in 70% automation
    2. 80% reduction in configuration
  2. Smarter
    1. End-to-end implementation framework for migration to Virtual Desktop
    2. 100% clarity of future state, no scope issues
  3. Cost-Effective
    1. 50%-60% savings in your landscape’s TCO
    2. Flexible licensing structure that enables BYOL


Our offering delivers the following business benefits:

  • Facilitates workplace mobility that empowers employees to work securely from anywhere, on any device, without the need for VPNs
  • Delivers a rich virtual workspace experience to users on any device including mobile phones, tablets and thin clients
  • Securely delivers your apps and enables the virtual desktop with integrated IAM and compliance management
  • Identifies new efficiencies and lowers IT costs by centralizing delivery and management of business-critical applications.

Our offering also helps businesses realize true productivity for remote workers and provides maximum flexibility for IT departments to migrate to virtual desktop and implement secure remote access management. All this and more is achieved without sacrificing access to mission-critical enterprise applications.


About AMAZE®

Hexaware, through its strategic pillar of Cloudify Everything®, enables its customers to experience a seamless journey to the cloud. Our AMAZE® suite of offerings supports all the major stages of the cloud transformation process – from discovery through cloud migration assessment and planning to refactoring of applications post code analysis. Automation-led, AMAZE® helps enterprises save 60% of implementation costs and 75% in cloud migration time while increasing elasticity, productivity and efficiency.

Hexaware’s AMAZE® for Virtual Desktop enables accelerated, smart and cost-effective migration to Virtual Desktop. 

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