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Businesses today rely on ensuring that they have the right business critical applications at the right time, delivering the right information in order to make the right decisions. However this is becoming increasingly difficult due to greater complexity, demands for outcome based results and increasing necessity for compliance. 

All of this creates a new set of operational pressures on IT operations at the application layer. Business agility depends more and more on their applications with end users increasingly wanting to use any application platform on any device. This leads to the infrastructure platform to be virtualized for providing dynamic resource management, and agile development which will in turn enable codes to be developed faster and continuous increments.

Traditionally AppOps & DevOps have been aligned with Application Maintenance and Application Development Services. Over the period of time it has resulted in the disintegrated operations between Infrastructure and Application teams.

In the ever changing digital landscape, Hexaware’s EBIZ Services helps to break the silos between applications and infrastructure and standardizing the tools, processes and cross-skilling resources.
This integration helps to track and align better with the business outcomes, through higher transparency and accountability. Hexaware EBIZ services facilitate:

  • Integrated view on real time applications operations
  • Continuous code integration & deployment
  • Flexible configuration management
  • Process efficiency
  • Improved time-to-market
  • Greater cost savings

Hexaware’s EBIZ services approach starts with understanding the business requirement and aligning the application architecture and Infrastructure architecture. By understanding the business needs and adopting best practices for business domain, we ensure that the best approach is adopted for driving the application operations.

Hexaware’s EBIZ services are classified into 3 buckets –

  • Conventional Services
  • Transformation Services
  • NextGen Services.

This is a comprehensive portfolio for end-to-end application operation services. Below diagram showcases the classification of Hexaware’s EBIZ services for each of the buckets :

Hexaware’s EBIZ Services

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