Hybrid Cloud Engineering Services

Hybrid Cloud Engineering Services

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Services Overview

Software Defined Infrastructure (SDI)

The adoption of SDI is the most sought-after technology to build web scale datacenters. SDI provides a single pane of management by abstracting network, compute and storage technologies into one console for engineers. Be it Nutanix, VMWare, HPE or Cisco, Hexaware leads from the front by critically understanding the performance needs of applications and thereby helping CXOs choose the right technology solution which can guarantee the right compute power and storage IOPS performance, to not just meet the expectations of internal stakeholders but help enhance user experience from satisfied to WOW!

Backup Modernization

In this world of virtualized, mobile, software defined, data obsessed enterprises – Modernizing Backup has become the need of the hour. We can no longer see data sources as storage boxes but have to  deep dive into the application architecture and back up application data as well. Hexaware’s engineering team’s constant research on backup modernization can enable enterprises move from legacy backup and archival solutions to modern application aware backup solutions. Hexaware works closely with leading players like Rubrik, VEEAM, Cohesity and Commvault to achieve fast backups, point in time recoveries, fast and efficient restorations and in the process achieve high levels of storage efficiency.

Storage Modernization

Enterprises understand the importance of data storage and retrieval and are showing more prominence to data storage solutions over other data center technologies. Though the modern all-flash storage and 32G SAN switches are highly popular, enterprises have difficulty choosing the right storage solution because of jargons which float around. Hexaware’s data strategy can help customers choose from amongst numerous solutions including software defined storage solutions, which can solve all of the enterprises needs such as – IOPS, Capacity, De-Duplication, etc. Hexaware has extensive experience in huge scale running to petabytes of data storage.

Software Defined Networking in Data Centers

Software Defined Networking has been the buzzword for the last 5 years. CXOs are increasingly looking to migrate to a Software Defined Data Center for the numerous advantages over conventional networks such as abstraction, central management, ability to microsegment, programmability, etc.

Through our vast customer base, we understand that the true problem faced by enterprises lies in driving consumption of investments made in  private cloud. Software developers are increasingly accustomed to easy-to-use toggles of a public cloud and show resistance to the traditional way of consuming resources. This resistance is a result of pain in getting resources provisioned through the standard change management processes. Hexaware’s Tensai for AIOps allows consumption of a SDN-based private cloud like a public cloud.Key objectives of Tensai for AIOps are to:

  • Create and decommission resources with the click of a button
  • Deploy apps from readily available click-to-deploy blueprint
  • Provide catalog-based services to internal teams for greater transparency and adoption

Tensai for AIOps takes full advantage of the programmability features of a Software Defined Networking ecosystem.

CXOs are also left with a daunting task to choose the right approach for private cloud, given the numerous jargons thrown at them by the OEMs. Hexaware’s Engineering Services team, which is a dedicated workforce to research on the different products available in the market, helps find the infrastructure which is not only right for the customer but also is the most cost effective. Customers no longer need to run through a long mire of jargons and product options to have a hassle-free experience right from Design, Deployment, Migration to Service Assurance.

Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN)

SD-WAN is a must for all enterprises. The long list of benefits of migrating to SD-WAN include less reliance on MPLS, no provider lock-ins, multifunctional CPEs, centrally controllable routing architectures, etc.

Hexaware has experience deploying SD-WAN for large enterprises with sites distributed geographically. Hexaware can help CXOs identify the right access strategy and the SD-WAN technology. Right from working with service providers in getting the best fit access circuit, be it MPLS or Internet or Broadband or even LTE to working with technology providers like Cisco, Versa, Silverpeak or Aryaka, Hexaware’s Engineering team has vast experience in integrating your WAN to help run your business with maximum uptime and performance.

Hexaware’s flagship HexaNET program will establish a NOC with the following features:

  • Fully monitored and managed SD-WAN
  • Design the choice of access (Internet, MPLS, ILL, Broadband, LTE, etc.)
  • Predefined KPIs (Latency, Jitter, etc.)
  • Capacity Planning and SP Contract Management
  • Guaranteed New Site Provisioning timelines
  • Dedicated 24×7 Service Desk
  • Pre-defined Site Level SLAs
  • Pre-defined Solution SLAs
  • Optional local IT Support

Datacenter Build and Migration

Hexaware has created industry and application specific SDI architectures which are now an IP. We use this experience to build DCs and private cloud. Our expertise lies in migrating applications from one DC to another as well as enabling a software defined approach in the current customer environment. One of the major roadblocks during infrastructure upgrades is the legacy environment and its accommodation in the future state. We have built capabilities around modernizing legacy systems like MF, VMS, I-Series to open platforms or emulation platforms, not only ensuring up to date environment but also accruing cost benefits. We have partnerships with all the leading OEMs in the industry. We are vendor agnostic and hence always strive to create solutions which are the most suitable and optimum for solving the customer’s problems.

Hybrid IT Blueprint (ITaaS)

This is Hexaware’s nextgen infrastructure specific automation framework enabling customers to transition from a legacy datacenter to completely software defined IT environment, to realize the full benefits of cloud computing. It encompasses the entire Hybrid Cloud Lifecycle Management from application build outs till end-to-end multi-cloud orchestration and automation. This will not only speed up your cloud adoption but will also provide intelligence on workload suitability for cloud, application transformation for cloud and eventually infrastructure service catalog development for one click infra build outs.

The building blocks for the above are:


With the advent of public cloud and the flexibility for scaling up and down using just code, it has become easier to provision complex environments within few minutes. Hexaware has a repository of hundreds of such scripts for AWS, Azure and even VMWare which can be leveraged by our customers to quickly provision and build environments. With ClickBuild you can:

  • Provision / de-provision dev / test environments mirroring the production environments
  • Proactively solve performance issues, monitor and manage capacity
  • Rapidly provision complete application stacks
  • Control costs on cloud by automatically scaling up and down when required
  • Adopting concepts such as continuous delivery and continuous integration that automate more of the development process than just resource provisioning
  • Automate time consuming administrator tasks like backup, recovery, etc.


AtoM is a powerful and automated migration tool which saves a lot of efforts and costs. Designed and built specifically for cloud migrations to AWS and Azure, AtoM provides high performance and secure workload migrations to the cloud. The key value propositions of our tool are:

  • Fast and secure workload migration to cloud
  • Minimal manual intervention required
  • No impact on the production during migration
  • Minimal downtime of production (downtime only during the final cutover)
  • Supports all types of OS’ and hypervisors
  • Can perform complex and bulk migrations


CLiP provides a single pane of solution that enables customers to run their hybrid cloud application / infrastructure setup in an automated way. The platform provides a unified view that stitches the customers disparate physical and cloud infrastructure ranging from on-premise private cloud to the provider enabled public cloud. CLiP provides:

  • End-to-end service catalog
  • Automated provisioning and de-provisioning
  • Metering, billing and chargeback
  • Billing dashboard
  • Multi-cloud integration
  • Marketplace
  • Brokerage
  • Integration with existing ITSM and monitoring tools


There is a lot of complexity involved in cloud billing and it is important to get a clear view of all cloud related costs. Cloud Clarion is Hexaware’s Financial management tool with which you can:

  • Monitor usage and spending over time
  • Get cost-effective sizing recommendations
  • Allocate costs for chargeback
  • Set alerts for unusual or overspending
  • Identify seasonal patterns for better auto-scaling

Cloud Enablement 

Hexaware has developed specific capabilities around migrating on-premise workloads to public clouds (AWS, Azure). The framework includes the entire lifecycle of Cloud-Ready Application Discovery, Cloud Migration and Cloud Enablement. We perform Assessment, Planning and Migration to Operations and Orchestration. Our specific expertise lies in executing complex migrations of applications and workload to cloud via Modernize, Re-factor, Re-write legacy applications to leverage cloud native functionalities. We have built partnerships with third party tooling solutions who specialize in cloud specific functions like build, automation and migration. We have also created one click push cloud-based DR service offering, pay as you go DR, backup and recovery of data and workloads on cloud.


We have also created POCs and POVs around containerization for business and web applications. We consult, design, architect and execute transformations of traditional applications migration to containers (MTA), build out container platforms (Kubernetes) thus leveraging build automation, provisioning automation and Devops automation across the entire lifecycle of a workload.

Service Offerings

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