Digital Consulting and Advisory Services

Digital Consulting and Advisory Services

A business cannot be profitable unless it creates value for customers. With continued business focus on humans surrounded by disruptive environment, edging out competition is the key. We help clients build a strong and sustainable business ecosystem by creating new business strategies and models. We also facilitate business growth by improving customer engagement and experience.

As technologies have become smarter, available and affordable, multiple opportunities are being created across industries Connectivity and mobility have made the world a smaller place. Disruptions are happening everywhere – new value chains are driving radical structural transitions in various economies, and making old value chains irrelevant and obsolete. Regulatory frameworks are being revamped citing new technological advancements, new communication methods and security risks, and making opportunities more visible.

In the ever-changing competitive world, companies are continuously seeking opportunities for creating a competitive edge for themselves..

Our consulting and transformational Service enables clients to move away from point solutions that work in silos, to a solution that provides transformational outcomes in terms of customer experience, business efficiency and business innovation.
Our services will identify customer segments which are of client value and perform the following:

  • Analyze the current journey of each target customer
  • Check journeys which will bring value
  • Identify patterns across customer journeys
  • Help clients deliver better products, services and business processes through digitalization

We believe in building a strong ecosystem that is competitive and collaborative with the help of:

  • Strategy and Roadmap – Enterprise digital strategy and roadmap development
    • Analyze digital market trends
    • Check readiness and maturity
    • Prioritize digital initiatives
    • Consolidate strategic requirements
    • Propose roadmap
  • Transformation Workshops – Digital transformation workshops
    • Discover your customer journey map
    • Identify target customer segments
    • Identify patterns across customer journeys
    • Conduct gap analysis of current and future state
    • Prioritize and build optimized paths
    • Define specific value streams
    • Analyze business capability metrics
  • Digital Marketing – Digital marketing organization setup
    • Search marketing
    • Campaign management
    • E-mail, affiliate and social media marketing
    • Identify valuable market segments
    • Build long term relationships
  • Digital Ecosystem – Digital ecosystem development
    • Conduct a Cost Benefit Analysis and get recommendations on New Technologies
    • Implement digital BISMAC products
  • Digital Experience Lab – Enterprise digital experience lab
    • Gain customer and employee insights, engagement and prototype through the use of BISMAC
    • Engage the customer with highly personalized experiences
    • Apply advanced research capabilities such as social media, IoT and control towers
  • Operating Model – Digital operating model development
    • Define key sources of value
    • Select a target maturity level
    • Define asset strategy
    • Design a blueprint of operating model architecture
    • Define key performance indicators (KPI)
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