We Design Successful, Consumable Experiences

Design to Create Value

We design to empower, improve and fulfil business and user requirements. Our solutions are based on the behavioural trends or needs of the end user, along with market trends. We create relevant solutions that are appealing to both consumers and businesses. Through our consultative approach, armed with domain and research expertise, we help brands build immersive products that are viable for both, business and user, to meet commercial success.




COE - Centre of Excellence

COE - Centre of Excellence

User Experience (UX) is a central competency in Hexaware to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty by improving the usability, ease of use, efficiency and pleasure provided in the interaction between users and the applications.


Hexaware’s Digital Usability Assurance Lab (DUAL) is well-equipped with advanced software and the latest usability testing equipment with well-maintained infrastructure.


Our studio houses HFI (Human Factors International) Certified Usability Analysts and Full Stack User Experience Designers with specializations. Lead practitioners have 360-degree domain exposure and experience.



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