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With Agile and DevOps, quality as an imperative is taking center stage in the application delivery life cycle. The expectation is not just quality OR speed – but Quality WITH Speed!

Test automation is a very critical component to achieve this goal. Traditionally, automation has been leveraged for execution of test cases – primarily for regression testing which approximately is JUST 16% of the overall testing effort.

Hexaware’s AutomationFirst approach helps QA teams overcome this barrier, by widening the reach of automation to other phases of testing like, Test case design, Test Data, and reporting. With this, QA teams can target automation holistically for the entire test lifecycle.


Our AutomationFirst approach comprises of various commercial, open-source and in-house automation solutions for testing across all layers of an application ( UI, Service and Data layers) and phases of testing life cycle to deliver Quality with Speed !!

For UI testing automation, Hexaware’s iD2E, that is Integrated Design to Execution Automation solution automates the generation of test cases for manual execution and corresponding automation scripts for Web, Mobile and Client-Server Apps, leveraging Model Based Testing tools, and connectors built for specific automation frameworks. The solution can be used for automation in all types of SDLCs and is integrated with various cloud-based mobile device solutions for OnDemand execution. More Details.

For Service Layer testing automation, our open-source-based API Testing framework enables Automated Testing for interfaces between applications, covering wide range of protocols, and also the functionalities of the third party API’s exposed for consumption. More Details.

For Data Layer testing, our in-house automation platform – JUMBO – can compare 100% structured, semi-structured or un-structured data across heterogeneous data sources. It’s an end-to-end data testing solution that works across all stages of Data life cycle, right from Data Pre-extraction Testing, Data Extraction Testing, till Data Transformation Testing. More Details.

As part of Hexaware’s Continuous Assurance Platform (CAP), we have out of the box plug-ins for all these automation solutions. It enables seamless integration with CI tools to support “Continuous Testing” in a DevOps environment.

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