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End-to-End Validation from BigData to Insights

Customer empowerment is driven by technological advancements through digital disruption. It is key for CMO, CIO, CTO, CDO etc., to take a new approach to developing, testing and executing the different strategies. Hexaware follows an Automation-first approach right from test creation to implementation cycles, backed by our own IP platform ‘Digi-test’ – Digital Testing Solution. Hexaware’s ‘Digi-Test’ offering provides a range of end-to-end solutions from Multi-Channel to API to Big Data Testing in line with Agile and DevOps culture.

One of the calculated steps to help businesses grow fast and stay ahead in this competitive market is adoption of agile methodologies like SCRUM, XP, and others. This calls for a systematic evolution in the testing world such as adoption of lightweight processes, automation to reduce time-to-market and proven approaches to migrate existing projects to agile, supported by the global delivery model.

We have:

  • Prebuilt nimble agile process assets
  • Assessment frameworks to help organizations
  • Agile accelerators to reduce time-to-market
  • Global Delivery Model and specialized infrastructure for seamless communication across teams

Most importantly, we are large enough to scale yet small enough to focus executive attention on our clients.

Hexaware has the ability to be an enabler for your continuous deployment efforts using DevOps as an approach. Our ability to incorporate the latest commercial and open-source software enable us to perform continuous integration and testing to provide the fluidity and quality that DevOps requires.

Our automation accelerators and frameworks integrate seamlessly with various DevOps platforms and contribute significantly to increasing the velocity of delivering business requirements to production.

Hexaware offers an extensive array of testing services and solutions for mobile and non-mobile platforms to meet your needs. Our ready-to-use frameworks and components enable faster business results. We offer:

  • Core mobile testing functions
  • Mobile functional test automation
  • Open source testing solutions
  • Mobile performance testing

In addition, we offer solutions and IPs integrated with testing methodologies that map to various requirements of testing on mobile platforms including

At Hexaware, we value a delightful end-user experience. We go the extra mile to get the right feedback on your application (web or mobile) from the real end-users leveraging our crowd sourcing approach. We help benchmark your application on its end-user experience rating using our Usability Measurement Index (UMI) framework. Our teams of UX experts are highly qualified HFI certified consultants and provide you with right set of recommendations as per the industry standards

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