There are multiple functions in today’s organizations of that do not lend themselves easily to a traditional outsourcing model. Some of these services are catered to by specialized agencies or others by professional service firms. However, with advances in technology and the proliferation of skills in different markets, many of these services can be reimagined and reengineered to a model that is amenable to be delivered by a business process service provider.

Hexaware’s Knowledge Process Outsourcing solutions support the customers through extraction of actionable insights and solutions across marketing and further acting upon this acquired intelligence with a modern execution approach.

Enterprises are assertively using data for driving better decision-making. With massive volumes of data available, the potential to combine the unstructured data and morph them into meaningful insights can help differentiate companies from their competition. Better data insights translate to better corporate decisions. With these insights, companies are formulating fitting strategies to drive business growth. 

Hexaware brings to its customers a fresh perspective for delivering these services built on robust technology alliances along with an automation first approach. Our aim is to offer these services to customers across multiple industry verticals. This includes those in the banking and financial services, global travel and transportation, consumer, manufacturing and born-digital companies.

Our Service Offerings

  • Marketing & eCommerce Operations

    Marketing has evolved from just being a right-brain creative activity to a data and insights-driven continuous multi-channel customer engagement program supporting a content explosion. Our Marketing Operations solution aims at increasing web traffic and user engagement by blending components like content, creatives and campaigns for our clients. Key elements are:

    • SEO. Develop keyword-rich engaging content for blogs, case studies, thought leadership articles
    • Website Content Management. Manage content updates on company website, ecommerce catalogs and social media
    • Bid Support. Support formatting and creation of bids for customers

  • Product Information Management

    Our Product Information Management solution helps clients establish a centralized data management hub to ensure consistent and uniform data across company website and third party ecommerce platforms. Inconsistent product information, incomplete or incorrect product images & videos and lack of user generated content impact the buying decision for the particular product as well as meddle with the brand repute.

    • Hexaware manages a central database of all product information and description tags
    • Our approach focuses on creating a digital asset library to facilitate easy access and retrieval of product information
    • Hexaware handles content publishing and monitors regular reviews of products flagging any inconsistencies and errors across multiple platforms

  • Social Media Operations

    An apt social media strategy is essential for any business to connect with customers, increase brand visibility and boost leads and sales. Hexaware’s Social Media Operations offering aims at managing social presence for clients and ensuring a focused targeted reach out to improve brand visibility and drive revenue.

    • Hexaware leads with a multi-channel campaign management approach across various platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, etc. With a mix of organic as well as targeted social media campaigns, we ensure maximum reach while optimizing marketing spend
    • Our approach encompasses Email, SMS and Google Ads campaigns to add to the existing gamut of social media activities

  • Content Moderation

    Due to unmoderated content, brands usually face a risk of loss of reputation across its existing customer base as well as potential prospects. With incorrect user-generated content, a certain product/service is perceived differently and this spot customer dissatisfaction hampers the sales for the brand. Hexaware’s Content Moderation solution assists brands with monitoring content abuse, fake news, inappropriate imagery and culturally insensitive content.

    • We deploy a state-of-the-art Content Extraction and Processing Center of Excellence (CoE) using cognitive engines for text mining and image recognition
    • Hexaware leverages an AI/ML-led approach to guarantee clean moderated content by identifying sources for unsafe content and mitigating the spread

Insights & Success Stories

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