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Intelligent Provider Revenue Cycle Solutions

Healthcare and its supporting IT infrastructure are going through dramatic changes, all of which impact the claims management process and require new ways of approaching problems. Hexaware uses Robotic Process Automation, Intelligent EDI integration, Insurance discovery and patient solutions all within its workflow platform to dramatically enhance the collections process. Our platform allows us to do more with less! We are so confident in our technology and process that we are able to guarantee a 30% cost savings in your cost to collect when using our solutions for AR management. Contact us for more information

Evolution of AR Follow-Up: Eliminating hours of hold time every day!


Hexaware Robotic Process Automation Dramatically Improves RCM Processing Speed

Phase 1

Collectors make calls
all day to payers

  • Phone Fatigue
  • Disconnects
  • Payer hang-ups
  • 3 acct maximum
  • Excessive hold time

Phase 2

Web access to payer web portals,
but calls are still prevalent

  • Slow web pages
  • Log-in issues
  • Phone Fatigue
  • Disconnects
  • Payer hang-ups
  • Excessive hold time

Phase 3

Revx enhances EDI claim Status

  • 40% call avoidance
  • User names and passwords not required
  • No log-in issues
  • Less phone fatigue
  • Leverage with payers


The RevX platform incorporates all of the following into an intelligent platform yielding guaranteed results

  • Claims processing
  • EDI extraction
  • IVR Extraction
  • Validation Engine
  • Voice XML Solutions
  • Workflow management
  • EMR Integration
  • Reporting
  • Analytics
  • Clearinghouse Channels
  • Business Rules Engine


Hexaware has defined a new path forward with respect to traditional outsourcing methods. Focusing on technology to augment the people process in AR claims management, Hexaware raises the bar in collections, inventory throughput and most importantly quality and control. Our technologies and associated processes decrease days in AR, reduce the cost to collect and allow staff to touch more inventory, thereby increasing the overall financial performance for providers partnering with Hexaware.


  • Provides entire spectrum of best practices led Healthcare BPO Services.
  • Reduces operating costs to attain operational excellence.
  • Brings in unique combination of cutting edge technology (RevX) and processes accelerating your business operations.
  • Blends the most current and appropriate technologies along with people and processes resulting in bottom line benefits.


Appointment scheduling, eligibility and Benefits Verification Medical Coding, Billing, Charges and Demographics entry Payment posting A/R and Denial Management
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Eligibility and benefits verifications
  • Pre-authorizations and referrals
  • Medical coding, audits, review and compliance
  • Charge entry
  • Claims submissions and rejections
  • Patient statements
  • Payment posting
  • ERA reviews
  • Credit balance ,write-off, refunds and  denials postings
  • A/R follows up (Payer and Provider)
  • Denial management
  • Write-off reviews
  • Appeals processing
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