Warranties Management - Hexaware

Reduce Warranty Cost & Improve Customer Delight

We provide end to end solution to address warranty management challenges. Our solution encompasses the complete lifecycle of a contract and also includes administration of warranty and analytical reporting. The components of our solution are:

  • Warranty Administration
  • Claims Management
  • Parts Returns
  • Warranty Analytics
  • Service Contracts
  • Extended Warranties

Differentiators/ Hexaware Advantage

  • Global Locations: 12 Global Delivery Centers capable of supporting client interaction, regardless of whether it involves voice, text, chat, video or e-mail.
  • Automation: In-house RPA focused lab to identify steps that can be automated at process level.
  • Analytics: Analytics solutions ranging from basic reporting to advanced analytic like actionable insights to optimize inventory network, reverse logistics velocity, risk modelling of historical data to forecast parts failure and scheduling of dispatch events.
  • Customer Centric: Strong focus on customer care including training, hiring practices and technology. Ensure there is an end customer C SAT enhancement in one year from start of operations.


  • Optimized supply chain
  • Improved customer experience
  • Higher revenues
  • Reduced warranty costs

All the above packaged in services historically had provided around 30 to 40% productivity benefits to our customers and has enhanced CSAT by over 20% in a year

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