Shift from your Legacy Data Warehouses on Teradata. Now!

Demands of Teradata customers for shifting to the Cloud are increasing given the fast-paced digital transformation. It is evident that our customers want to buy and consume technologies in new ways, and we are all set to deliver on that. 

If you want to avoid expensive appliance costs and embrace latest Cloud Native features like serverless architectures, dockers and AI / ML on Cloud, with zero business disruption, we have the right solution for disruption-free Teradata migration.

Cloud EDMA – Get Cloud Native from Day 1! 

Hexaware’s Cloud Enterprise Data Management and Analytics (CEDMA) offering helps enterprises to shift decades of on-premise, long-standing legacy Data Warehouse (DW) and Data Management ecosystems to the Cloud, at the lowest risk and expense possible with minimal downtime. It has IPs and accelerators for transforming DW and analytics ecosystems from Teradata to Azure / AWS / SAP / GCP ecosystems. Teradata appliances come with their own set of challenges including high CAPEX and OPEX, and a big lead-time for procurement. Customers tired of such challenges are looking at embracing Cloud for DW and Analytics. Cloud EDMA offers an attractive proposition for such customers, enabling seamless Teradata migration to Cloud.

Unique features of Hexaware’s CEDMA

  • Automated transformation of on-premise DW to AWS / Azure
  • Pilot with quick business value validation
  • Instant transformation from Teradata to Cloud
  • Phase-wise transition plan
  • Automation-led IPs and tools

Key Benefits

  • Reduce time and efforts by 60% in the BI and ETL layer transformation cycle
  • 100% data governance
  • Faster time to market
  • Zero business disruption


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