Why does your enterprise need a Managed Analytics Model?

Over time, organizations have deployed a range of business intelligence reporting, analytics and self-service tools, often motivated by departmental considerations vis-a-vis an enterprise-level requirement. However, in due course of time, several unique challenges have made their presence felt, making the need for a qualified & proven arm of Analytics professionals, namely:

  1. Departmental silos that put enterprise-wide views at risk and result in IT assets across the enterprise being leveraged only in small proportions
  2. Low Business and IT collaboration, which makes delivering change requests for the BI (Business Intelligence, Data Warehouse) applications within SLA limits challenging
  3. Organizational dependency on few critical people for application knowledge, rendering the delivery of mega-projects that beat expectations, a herculean task
  4. Time-intensive migration of platforms for consolidation or upgradation, for even a simple rationalized subset of reports

Hexaware’s BI & Analytics Modernization Services

With our suite of BI Modernization solutions, Hexaware brings to market a robust metadata management platform, that enables consolidation of metadata from heterogeneous BI platforms using metadata management best practices, innovative tools and state-of-the-art technologies. Through its metadata accelerators, this platform addresses the discontinuities faced by organizations and helps them achieve their BI vision of an agile, uniform & a seamless platform for information delivery, across the organization.

Key Benefits

  1. Faster Turnaround time
  2. Error Free
  3. Easy Management
  4. Optimal Productivity
  5. Quicker Assessment

BI Modernization Utilities

  • DIMA – Metadata Analyzer tool

    A metadata analyzer tool enables understanding of the table usage and data flow between the tables in an ETL environment to provide a graphical, table – mapping dependency view. You can save up to 50% time spent in reverse engineering efforts.

  • Mine SQL Script Coding Tool

    A tool used to code – mine SQL scripts and procedures to extract relevant information like Tables, Columns and Usage Stats like Insert / Update / Delete. The result is a clear understanding of the table usage in scripts and reduction by more than 90%. in time taken to extract table name information for the SQL queries.

  • Change value in Informatica XML

    This tools allows user to find and replace the attribute names / values in Informatica XML.

  • Automated ETL Code Review Tool

    An automated ETL code review tool, to ensure consistency in coding standards across development teams, leveraged for platforms like Informatica, Data Stage, Oracle Data Integrator and Microsoft Integration Services. It helps you expedite review process by up to 90%.

  • Semantic Layer Automation – From a simple Excel or XML

    This tool automates creation of the semantic layer from a simple Excel or XML input to semantic layers like Universe in Business Objects and Framework Model in Cognos. It helps save up to 25% efforts.

  • Automated Security Information Extractor

    An automated security information extractor and creator tool that leverages security migration and large security maintenance processes in SAP BusinessObjects (SAP BO). It helps reduce large-scale user security migration process by 50%.

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