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From Raw Data to Valueable Insights

With the mainstream emergence of Big Data Analytics, enterprises are keen to find invaluable insights that will impact the way business is done. However, analyzing data of such scale and complexity could be non-trivial as it typically calls for a multi-disciplinary skillset. This interdisciplinary practice has come to be known as Data Science and the practitioner of it, the Data Scientist. Typically, a data scientist is expected not only to possess skills such as predictive modelling, statistics and data crunching but also to bring in the domain knowledge to solve the problem at hand.

Bi Data Science Community

Hexaware with its first-hand experience of solving data science problems realized earlier on that building and nurturing a team of Data Scientists at scale requires a markedly different approach compared to the traditional learning and development model. Hexaware’s robust Data Science Community Development Approach follows the innovative 7E approach:

  • Explore & Elaborate – Analyze and articulate market trends and use cases
  • Evaluate & Evangelize – Assess, choose and socialize solutions and methodology
  • Empower, Engage and Expand – Enable the community to explore unchartered areas and breach boundaries to deliver newer insights to our customers

Hexaware’s Data Science Community enables our customers to harness the power of data to transform their business in today’s competitive environment. Hexaware has created a dedicated pool of data scientists catering to specific business needs in various verticals. The community has also mastered crowdsourcing methodologies to quickly leverage ideas and solutions from across the board to bring the right solutions to customer problems. The community owns a Production-scale decision sciences lab complete with cutting-edge technologies that support learning through experimentation, solution development, proof of concept and customer pilot executions.

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