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Now, certain models of Netezza appliance are soon reaching end of life / support, which means that there will be no further product investment or updates. With this development, the drive for getting into a modern, robust, state-of-the-art data architecture for our customers is at an all-time high. Customers want to liberate data from shackles of these costly, unscalable, inflexible appliances and become cloud native.
However, embarking on such a transformation journey, is a process easier said than done.
With years of customizations on the data warehouse, thousands of downstream reports and hundreds of ETLs, your current data warehouse is a very complex system.

Hexaware has a dedicated service offering in this space called Cloud EDMA (Enterprise Data Management and Analytics), which understands the needs and challenges involved in such transformation projects. With automation-enabled assessment and transformation, Hexaware can deliver such projects in months rather than years.

A little about Cloud EDMA

With Hexaware’s Cloud EDMA, we can shift decades of on-premises, long-standing legacy data warehouse and data management eco-system to the cloud, at the lowest risk and expense, and with minimal downtime.

Cloud EDMA has IPs and accelerators for transforming data warehouse eco-systems from MPP appliances to Azure / AWS / SAP / GCP eco-systems. Appliances come with their own set of challenges including high CAPEX and OPEX, and a big lead time for procurement. Customers tired of such challenges are looking at embracing cloud for data warehouse and analytics. Cloud EDMA offers an attractive proposition for such customers.

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