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As user experience takes the center-stage and cloud becomes the new normal for analytics, the need for transformation from appliances like Exadata to Azure SQL DW or AWS Redshift is high. Undoubtedly, a cloud-based data warehouse can help you achieve operational excellence through increased availability and reduced downtime. However, it is not easy to transform data warehouses built over years without the risk of failing. Also, some of your challenges and queries could be as follows:

Technical Challenges

We at Hexaware understand the finer nuances of Exadata appliance and have a dedicated service offering called Cloud EDMA (Enterprise Data Management and Analytics) for transformation from Exadata to cloud without any business disruption. Hexaware has always been able to ensure faster time-to-market in delivering the latest innovations to businesses.

How does Cloud EDMA help?

With Hexaware’s Cloud EDMA, we can shift decades of on-premises, long-standing legacy Data Warehouse(DW) and Data Management eco-system to the cloud, at the lowest risk and expense, and with minimal downtime.

Cloud EDMA

Cloud EDMA has IPs and accelerators for transforming DW eco-systems from MPP appliances to Azure / AWS / SAP / GCP eco-systems. Appliances come with their own set of challenges including high CAPEX and OPEX, and a big lead time for procurement. Customers tired of such challenges are looking at embracing cloud for DW and analytics. Cloud EDMA offers an attractive proposition for such customers.

Liberate your data from Exadata. Move to cloud! With our offering we can help you transform to a flexible and scalable cloud data warehouse.

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