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Data Management Automation Toolkit

Data Profiler

This tool allows you to find various patterns within your source data. The tool output helps in identifying business rules and data quality rules for data conversion/transformation process in early stages of the project execution. Various reports and charts provide insights on the source data to define data quality policies. This tool helps in identifying all the required rules and reduces analysis time by 30%

ETL code generator for SSIS and Informatica

Automaton is the ETL code generator for SSIS and Informatica. It takes various inputs from end business user such as source table / file format, target table / file format and transformation rules using web interface and generates the ETL code that can be imported in SSIS or Informatica to load the data from source to target. This tool can easily integrate with DMQRULES to leverage data quality features. The tool acts as an ETL factory and provides 30% reduction in overall build efforts

Data Segmentation and Movement (DASEM)

Data Segmentation and Movement (DASEM), DASEM allows you to take care of decentralizing the database or data warehouse for any of the predefined data segmentation (slicing) condition. The tool takes care of data movement for given segmentation condition as well as removal of the decentralized data from original data store after successful completion of data movement.


This tool offers reconciliation for selective data elements from source and target to ensure that the data migration/transformation process has executed successfully with no data loss. In case of discrepancies, the tool will generate reports highlighting the error records with Key values. This tool reduces testing efforts by close to 40%

Data Modernization Utilities

DIMA - metadata analyzer tool

A metadata analyzer tool, it enables understanding of the table usage & data flow between the tables in an ETL environment and provides a graphical table – mapping dependency view. You can save up to 50% time of reverse engineering efforts

SQL PARSER - mine SQL script coding tool

A tool used to code – mine SQL scripts and procedures and extract relevant information like Table, Column and the usage stats like Insert / Update / Delete. The result is a clear understanding on the table usage in scripts and reduction of time taken to extract table name information for the SQL queries by more than 90%.

FIRE - Change value in Informatica XML

This tools allows user to find and replace any of the attribute name / value in Informatica XML

DART - automated ETL code review tool

An automated ETL code review tool, to ensure consistency in coding standards across developers, leveraged for platforms like Informatica, Data Stage, Oracle Data Integrator and Microsoft Integration Services. Helps you expedite review process by up to 90%.

BIMA - metadata analysis tool for BI environments

A metadata analysis tool for BI environments like Business Objects, Cognos, Brio, OBIEE which enables efficient and precise analysis of BI environments for Upgrade, Migration and Consolidation projects. You can save up to 40% efforts.

Semantic Layer Automation - semantic layer from a simple Excel or XML

Tool automates the creation of the semantic layer from a simple Excel or XML input to semantic layers like Universe in Business Objects & Framework Model in Cognos. Helps save up to 25% efforts.

SECURELITE - automated security information extractor

An automated security information extractor and creator tool, leveraged for security migration and large security maintenance processes in BO. Helps you reduce large user security migration process by ~50%.

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